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Stealth Build: The Infiltrator (Fallout 4)

Although one might think of ranged weapons as the go to for stealth builds, The Infiltrator build, a stealth melee build, will blow those perceptions out of the water. This build, crafted with a good amount of strength and endurance, goes hand-in-hand with the Nuka-World DLC, which is the DLC that first introduced the faction that inspired this build: The Infiltrator. 

The Infiltrator scored as the fourth best in our Best Fallout 4 Builds List, so let’s get into the details of this build!

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Recommended Stats for The Infiltrator

The biggest thing that separates builds from one another is stats. These stats are what rounds out a build into a fully realized character. Here are the stats for The Infiltrator, as well as a little bit of information about why each one is important. 

As far as your highest stats go, there are 3 to keep in mind. First is the strength stat which should be at a 9 since The Infiltrator is a melee and stealth build, and for the melee portion, strength is tantamount. Agility should be an 8. Since the Blitz agility perk is essential to The Infiltrator build, you’ll need to have high agility. 

Lastly is endurance at level 7. Even though you’ll be sneaking around quite a lot, when things go sideways and you have to turn to the melee part of your build, endurance becomes necessary. Perception, Charisma, Luck, and Intelligence are not important parts of this build and can be all but ignored. 

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Best Weapon for The Infiltrator Build 

As far as weapons go, it’s no surprise that the best choice for The Infiltrator is a variation on the Disciples Blade. This variation is called Throatslicer, and this aptly named knife has an extra gruesome edge about it, since it causes bleeding damage. It’s a good idea to keep a gun on hand, too, for when using Throatslicer just isn’t convenient. 

Recommended Perks for The Infiltrator

The most important perk for The Infiltrator is undoubtedly Blitz, which makes stealth much easier. Other must have perks include Long Wanderer, since The Infiltrator favors a more lone wolf type of playstyle, Bloody Mess because it has both a great damage boost and fits The Infiltrator character aesthetically, and the Blacksmith and Armourer perks to boost The Disciples faction gear to its maximum potential. 

Big Leagues and Ninja are 2 other perks that lend themselves well to The Infiltrator. Big Leagues will help you make the most of your blade, Throatslicer, while Ninja, or Sneak if you prefer, is a staple for any and all stealth builds. 

Other less important perks are Rooted for the damage bonus, Solar Powered for the strength bonus, and Critical Banker, to boost your criticals. Rooted is one perk that we can do with or without, since The Infiltrator isn’t a character to stand in one place for very long. 

Top Pick for Companion for The Infiltrator

A member of The Disciples faction, The Infiltrator build is a build that is best suited for solo play, so we don’t recommend any companions for this particular build. 

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