Cookie Run Kingdom Topping Guide

Best Angel Cookie Toppings Build (Cookie Run Kingdom)

With pretty blond curls and bright white wings, the Angel Cookie is an ethereal character in Cookie Run Kingdom. This page is part of our complete Cookie Run Kingdom Topping Guide and details the best toppings for Angel Cookie. 

What Toppings Go On Angel Cookie?

The best toppings for Angel Cookie are 5 Swift Chocolates to allow for less time in between using their special skill. Given that the Angel Cookie has healing prowess, this can be of tremendous benefit during a battle where team members are struggling.

Angel Cookie Build Description 

Angel Cookie is a Healing cookie who holds the Rear position in battle. Based on Angel Cookie’s current level, they are able to aid their team members in healing up to half their HP. While they might look cute at first glance, once Angel Cookie stares down their target, they deliver a stare that can frighten even the toughest opponents. 

Best Angel Cookie Team 

Here is the best Angel Cookie team in Cookie Run Kingdom: 

Each team member brings their own skills that, when all working together, can make them unstoppable. 

Is Angel Cookie Good?

Angel Cookie is good because they can quickly offer relief from damage done during a battle while intimidating opponents with their stare. They are also a member of 3 Cookie Bonds; I Want To Fly, Celestials Guide Me, and Angels and Devils.

Angel Cookie is a Common Cookie and, as one would expect, the Devil Cookie would be considered its rival. There are several theories as to the origins of this rivalry. 

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