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Best Engine In Pixel Car Racer (Top Engines List)

The healthier your heart is, the better your body will be; the better your engine is, the better your car will perform. It’s our way of saying that engines are the heart of any car. They can be the difference maker in tournaments. Hence, It’s no wonder every player wants to have the best engine in Pixel Car Racer

Engine Pixel Car Racer

The topic of “best engine” is a heated one. Every player has their opinion and experiences. Going down that rabbit hole in search of an answer can be overwhelming especially for new players. So, we’ve simplified things and laid it out in a manner that won’t make you hate the game. Rev your engines!

What Engines Are In Pixel Car Racer?

After combing through the game, this is the Pixel Car Racer engine list we came up with:

Engine NamePrice ($)RarityTierWeight (kg)Horsepower (HP)Redline (rpm)
StockfreeComes with every carstockunspecifiedunspecifiedunspecified
SR2050,000Green star22502508,000
1JZ190,000Green star22503308,000
K20300,000Purple star32102128,400
RB26400,000Purple star32402908,300
LS1,000,000Yello star4+2705057,500
FR93,500,000Yellow star4+2706567,000
VR384,250,000Yellow star4+2504787,900
HEMI5,000,000Yellow star4+3207077,100
F1X12,000,000Yellow star4+2255427,875
RB25Only in CratePurple star3240270unknown
SPOONOnly in CrateRed star4210260unknown
LSXOnly in CrateYellow star42806276,500
2JZOnly in CrateYellow star42504108,200
HEMI 24kOnly in CrateYellow star43007077,100
2AROnly in CratePurple star42001878,200

What Engine Is Best In Pixel Car Racer?

Different engines work best for different situations. Some favor speed, others favor drag time, a handful are all-round performers, and some engines are better suited for a particular car. Pick the best engine based on the situation.

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In the end, the performance of most engines need to be maximized through tuning, the purchase of additional parts, and the skill set of the player. We’ve compiled the best five that can give you a winning chance when paired with these factors, make your pick:

  1. F1X
  2. LT5
  3. 2JZ
  4. VR38
  5. Rb26


Rumored to be based on the Ferrari 458 Italia, the F1X engine boasts an incredibly large power band, even amongst its peers. This large powerband enables it to hold its max power for a longer time and is considered the best engine for AWD. However, keep the stock engines for the newer GTRs and the Audi R8. The F1X also revs higher giving it an edge in races. 


An engine made by general motors, the LT5 is the best engine for RWD cars. The engine is also good for hitting better drag times.


The 2JZ is among the best engines with a high RPM, giving it an advantage over most engines in the game. However, the 2JZ falls short in it is power to weight ratio. This low ratio has negative effects on its speed and acceleration.


Cream of the crop, the VR38 is considered by many players to be the best engine in the game. In terms of results, it delivers consistently against the other engines. Its high price of $4.25M may put off players on a budget.


The Rb26 is fast and good for fast touge runs given its respectable RPM advantage. However, against engines like the VR38, they would put you at a disadvantage.

Fastest Engine In Pixel Car Racer

The fastest engine is the VR38 in the R35 GTR. Its high top speed also makes it lightning fast in the ¼ miles.

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