Cookie Run Kingdom Topping Guide

Best Knight Cookie Toppings Build (Cookie Run Kingdom)  

Knight Cookie is a rare Defense type cookie found in Cookie Run: Kingdom whose skill can cause significant damage to the enemy.  This page is part of our complete Cookie Run Kingdom Topping Guide and details the best toppings for Knight Cookie.

What Toppings Go On Knight Cookie?

Our recommended toppings for Knight Cookie are 5 Solid Almond toppings as they significantly increase his damage resistance, making him an even stronger team option.  Adding damage resistance allows him to take substantially less damage from an attack, meaning he can take more attacks for longer.  

Other topping options for Knight Cookie include 5 Hard Walnut toppings.  Hard Walnut toppings increase the defense of a cookie rather than the damage resistance.  Although most players prefer Solid Almond toppings, they both significantly boost Knight Cookie’s defensive abilities.  

Here is our recommendation list of toppings for Knight Cookie:

  • 5 Solid Almond toppings (recommended)
  • 5 Hard Walnut toppings
  • 3 Hard Walnut toppings and 2 Solid Almond toppings

Knight Cookie Build Description

Knight Cookie is a Defense type cookie positioned in the front of the team.  He only has one skill which is called Cavalry Charge.  His skill involves charging forward, damaging the surrounding area, and causing the enemy to damage themselves.  

The Calvary Charge skill causes 260% damage upon use plus an additional ~3.5 damage for every level played going forward.  Knight Cookie’s only skill has a 13-second cooldown time.  The longer cooldown time means players should use this skill strategically.  

Best Knight Cookie Team

Here is our tested Knight Cookie team in Cookie Run: Kingdom:

Some of our favorite treasures to add to Knight Cookie’s team are:

  • Gatekeeper Ghost’s Horn
  • Squishy Jelly Watch

Is Knight Cookie Good?

Admittedly not the best Defense type cookie to be found in Cookie Run: Kingdom, Knight Cookie is a sturdy choice if one has no better options.  He provides a good amount of defense for the rest of the team, and his ability to make enemies inflict self-damage makes for a weaker opponent.  

Knight Cookie has bonded with Princess Cookie, Custard Cookie III, Avocado Cookie, and Madeleine Cookie.  His bonds with Avocado and Madeleine Cookie may not be advantageous to players. Having three Defense types on one team leaves one’s attacks weaker than a more balanced team.

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