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Poison Mushroom Cookie Toppings Build (Cookie Run Kingdom)

Originally a minor antagonist in the game, Poison Mushroom Cookie is not as menacing as they might seem. This page is part of our complete Cookie Run Kingdom Topping Guide and details the best toppings for Poison Mushroom Cookie.

Poison Mushroom Cookie Toppings Build (Cookie Run Kingdom)

What Toppings Go On Poison Mushroom Cookie?

The best toppings for Poison Mushroom are 5 Searing Raspberries to increase how much DMG they deal in fights. An alternative toppings build would be 5 Swift Chocolates to decrease their skill’s cooldown time.

Below is a list of toppings for Poison Mushroom Cookie:

  • 5x Searing Raspberries
  • 5x Swift Chocolates

Poison Mushroom Cookie Build Description

Poison Mushroom Cookie is a Bomber Type Cookie that has a middle position on teams. Their skill, known as Poison Cloud, releases poisonous mushrooms that secrete poison clouds. Any poisoned enemies will get a healing debuff and become disorientated. These poison clouds deal extra DMG to monsters and bosses.

The Poison Cloud skill has a 15 second cooldown time. One hit deals 127.8% DMG. The Poison deals 25% DMG every second for 10 seconds. It deals an extra 80% DMG to enemies and an extra 120 DMG to bosses. The healing debuff is a 15% reduction for 10 seconds.

Here is the best Poison Mushroom Cookie team in Cookie Run Kingdom:

The best treasures for this team are the Old Pilgrim’s Scroll, the Squishy Jelly Watch, or the Pilgrim’s Slingshot treasures. The Librarian’s Enchanted Robes treasure can also work.

Is Poison Mushroom Cookie Good?

Poison Mushroom Cookie is a good Bomber Cookie because of the continuous damage the poison deals in combination with the healing debuff. Poison Mushroom Cookie also has bonds with Fig Cookie and Licorice Cookie, making it possible to experiment more with team builds.

Poison Mushroom Cookie is an Epic Tier Cookie with an A Ranking. They are 1 of 50 Epic Cookies available in Cookie Run Kingdom, which means there is a 19.3% chance of pulling them specifically from the Gacha. If players already have them, then they can be purchased from the Mileage Shop.


This guide looked at the best Poison Mushroom Cookie toppings build. If you have further questions about Poison Mushroom Cookie and what toppings to use on them, tell us in the comments.

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