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Best Pomegranate Cookie Toppings Build (Cookie Run Kingdom)

Best Pomegranate Cookie Toppings Build (Cookie Run Kingdom)

This Cookie Run Kingdom Topping Guide will look at the best Pomegranate Cookie Toppings Build. Cookie Run Kingdom offers many different toppings, and choosing the wrong one can cost you. Continue reading to learn more…

What Toppings Go On Pomegranate Cookie?

The best Pomegranate Cookie toppings will depend on how much damage you expect to take. If you have tanks on your team, you can safely add 5 Swift Chocolates to lower cooldown time. Otherwise, you should incorporate some Solid Almonds. Either 3 Solid Almonds and 2 Swift Chocolates or 5 Solid Almonds, depending on which other cookies you have on your team.

Pomegranate Cookie Build Description

Pomegranate Cookie is designed to play a supportive role, healing other cookies and boosting their damage. She makes for an excellent addition to most teams if her build is done correctly; choosing the right toppings for Pomegranate Cookie makes all the difference. Luckily, we’ve outlined which sub-stats and toppings you should use in our guide…

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What Toppings Go On Pomegranate Cookie?

Best Pomegranate Cookie Team

Where you’re playing World Exploration or PvP, here is the best Pomegranate Cookie team:

  • Cocao Cookie with 5 Solid Almond (Front Tank)
  • Eclair Cookie with 5 Searing Raspberry (Middle)
  • Pomegranate Cookie with 5 Swift Chocolate (Middle)
  • Pure Vanilla Cookie with 5 Swift Chocolate (Rear)
  • Cotton Cookie with 5 Swift Chocolate (Rear)

Is Pomegranate Cookie Good?

Pomegranate Cookie has been made much better in the March 25th Update, boosting her stats and skills significantly: defence, health, healing, and attack have all been increased. Whatsmore, the Pomegranate Magic ability was buffed. She can now restore her team member’s HP faster and significantly increase their damage. All these make Pomegranate Cookie an excellent addition to most teams.

Is Pomegranate Cookie Good?

What Tier is Pomegranate Cookie?

Pomegranate Cookie is an EPIC Tier character that plays a supportive role. She has been spotlighted because the developer decided to buff her abilities significantly. Since the update, the community has recognized her as one of the better EPIC Tier cookies in Cookie Run Kingdom.

How To Get Pomegranate Cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom?

Getting Pomegranate Cookie follows the same process as getting any other EPIC Tier cookie:

  1. Save 300 Crystals (or 3000).
  2. Spend them buying a gacha.
  3. There’s about a 19% chance of getting an EPIC cookie.
  4. Repeat these steps if you don’t get Pomegranate Cookie…


If you’re unfamiliar with the different sub-stats in Cookie Run Kingdom, designing the best Pomegranate Cookie Toppings Build can be relatively tricky. Luckily, we tested out MANY combinations… by far, the one that worked best was a variety of Swift Chocolate and Solid Almond. The ratio depended on if you’ve got a tank on your team.

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