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Blackberry Cookie Toppings Build (Cookie Run Kingdom)   

Blackberry Cookie is a magic-using character, who serves as Adventure Cookie’s retainer in Cookie Run Kingdom. Supporting is in her nature, and she is best suited to fighting in the rear.

This page is part of our complete Cookie Run Kingdom Topping Guide and details the best toppings for Blackberry Cookie.

What Toppings Go On Blackberry Cookie?

The best toppings for Blackberry Cookie are 5 Searing Raspberries because as she is a DPS character it helps to up her damage input. Equipping 5 of these can give her a +5% increase in her attack!

However, if you want to keep using her ability consistently, using 5 Swift Chocolate is also an option for you to reduce Blackberry Cookie’s cooldown by up to 6.8%! This allows her to consistently deal damage and keep the Critical Strike buff running for her team.

  • 5 Searing Raspberries (Recommended)
  • 5 Swift Chocolate

Blackberry Cookie Build Description

Blackberry Cookie is a magic cookie with a rear position. She has the skill Ghost Servants.

Ghost Servants will target a single enemy, dealing a base value of 17% damage, which increases by between 0.1 and 0.2% per level. The attack will also give her allies a 20% bonus to their critical hit rate.

Best Blackberry Cookie Team

Here is the best Blackberry Cookie team in Cookie Run: Kingdom:

The best treasures to use with this team are:

  • Bookseller’s Monocle
  • Miraculous Ghost Ice Cream
  • Librarian’s Enchanted Robes

Is Blackberry Cookie Good?

Blackberry Cookie is a rare cookie, and so can be outshined by Epic counterparts. She is good in the early game as she is easy to get, and is good for builds that require a high critical hit rate to be successful.

However, as you go through the game and get access to rarer cookies, she starts to lose her use on the team. Blackberry Cookie often ends up getting replaced by Black Raisin Cookie as many players’ magic-user.

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