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Ultimate Boat Farming Strategy Guide, Bloons TD 6

Boat farming in Bloons Tower Defence 6 is a strategy where players upgrade monkey buccaneers to merchantmen to generate income. Players can make thousands of dollars per round using this method. This setup typically involves 0-2-4 farms and 0-0-3 boats. Monkey Farms are placed surrounding the boats to provide a money bonus, increasing their earning potential.

Boat Farming Tutorial

TL;DR: The optimal setup involves 0-2-4 farms and 0-0-3 boats.

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Calculating Income and Cost

One should analyze the income-to-cost ratio to find the most efficient farming strategy in BTD6 (find the optimal tower setup below). Using Excel, we calculated the ratio for combinations of farms and boats. Each 0-2-4 farm generates 1,450 dollars per round, and provides a 10-dollar bonus to each boat, increasing their earnings to 220 dollars per round. Keep in mind that farms cost 23,700 dollars, while boats cost 3,430 dollars. The ratio will show the pay-off period for each combination.

Boat Farming Tutorial

Optimal Tower Setup

A 0-2-4 Banana Farm with every three merchantmen is recommended for optimal boat farming in Bloons TD 6. This strategy is cost-effective and can generate high income with the help of farm bonuses. While the initial cost may be sizeable, the income generated by the farm can quickly offset the investment.

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0-0-4 Boats

In BTD6, boat farming can be a highly effective method for generating income. One key factor to consider is the optimal ratio of farms to boats. The 0-2-4 farm and 0-0-3 boat setup is a common strategy for optimal income. However, when a player reaches their third central market, it may be more beneficial to upgrade all merchantmen to favored trade boats instead. This new path prioritizes farms and ensures that the income-to-cost ratio remains negative.

BTD6 Merchantmen vs Farms

BTD6 Merchantmen vs Farms

In Bloons TD 6, using a combination of both Merchantmen (buccaneers) and Banana Farms is a popular strategy for generating income. Merchantmen generate a base income of 220 dollars per round and receive a bonus from each farm. Farms, on the other hand, generate an income of 1,450 dollars per round and provide a bonus to merchantmen. The optimal setup for this strategy involves a balance of 0-2-4 farms and 0-0-3 merchantmen, with the ratio of farms to merchantmen varying based on the player’s income-to-cost ratio calculations and other factors, such as the use of 0-0-4 boats.

Merchantmen REALLY come in-handy in water-exclusive maps.

How Much Money Does a Merchantman Make?

In BTD6, merchantmen are a type of boat that can be used for farming. They generate 220 dollars per round, plus an additional 22 dollars for each 0-2-4 farm. The total cost of a merchantman is 3,430 dollars, and it takes a certain amount of time to save up for this tower. However, a 0-2-3 farm costs a similar amount and generates over 400.

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