Custom Word List: Fortnite

This page will provide a Scribbl io Fortnite word list that includes custom words used within the Fortnite community.
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Minecraft Word List

1v1, ADS, Aimbot, Chug jug, FAMAS, FOV, OG, OP, One shot, absolute zero, agent jonesy, ali-a, alpine ace, apple, aquaman assault rifle, baited, banana, bandages, big pot, boogie bomb, boom bow, box fight, box, buff, buffed, build battle, bunny hop, burst SMG, bush camper, bush, camper, carried, carry, choking, clutch, coconut, combat shotgun, cozy campfire, damage trap, desert eagle, double pump, drum gun, dual pistols, dub, dynamite, flint-knock pistol, full send, goated on the sticks, grenade launcher, hand cannon, high ground, hop rock, hot drop, hunting rifle, impulse grenade, infantry rifle, jetpack, john wick, lasered, launch pad, loadout, low ground, medkit, meds, minigun, mounted turret, mushroom, no scope, once pump, one tap, overpowered, pepper, ping, pistol, popping shields, pyramid, rocket launcher, rocket ride, scoped assault rifle, shield potion, slurp juice, small shield potion, sniper rifle, spawn island, stink bomb, stream sniper, stretched resolution, suppressed pistol, suppressed sniper rifle, sweat, tac, tactical shotgun,


Using the above Skribbl io Fortnite word list, you and your friends can play while enjoying a carefully curated set of custom words. To put your Fortnite skills to the test, try out the word list above.  

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