Custom Word List: Walt Disney

This word list for Walt Disney provides a long list of custom words that can be entered into the game. Don’t worry; the terms have been formatted in a way compatible with

When I said the list was long, I meant it. If I was being honest, I didn’t even know there were that many Disney characters!

I’m sure you want to test your Disney knowledge — just copy and paste the following words into the custom words fields to get started!

Minecraft Word List

Abby, Abigail, Abu, Adelaide, Adella, Akela, Aladdin, Alcmene, Alice, Amelia, Amos, Anastasia, Andrina, Andy, Anna, Antonio, Apollo, Aquata, Ariel, Arthur, Aurora, Babette, Bagheera, Bailey, Baloo, Bambi, Banzai, Bashful, Beast, Beatrice, Beaver, Belle, Ben, Berlioz, Bert, Bolt, Bruce, Bruno, Bullseye, Bruni, Bruno, Buster, Buzz Lightyear, Camilo, Candlewick, Captain Hook, Chad, Charles, Charlotte, Chernabog, Chief, Chien-Po, Chip, Christopher Robin, Chuck, Cinderella, Clayton, Cleo, Coco, Cogsworth, Colette, Cookie, Copper, Count Frollo, Cruella de Vil, Daisy, Darla, Destiny, Dewey, Dinah, Dizzy, Doc, Dodger, Donald, Dopey, Dory, Drizella, Duchess, Duey, Duke, Dumbo, Ed, Eeyore, Ellie, Elliot, Elsa, Enesto, Esmeralda, Eudora, Eugene, Evie, Evil Queen, Fauna, Fa Zhou, Felix Wreck-It Ralph, Figaro, Finnick, Flit, Flora, Flounder, Flower, Flynn, Gaston, Genie, George Banks, Geppetto, Giselle, Goofy, Grumpy, Gus, Hamm, Hans, Happy, Hector, Hei Hei, Hercules, Hewey, Hiro, Horace, Hugo, Iago, Imelda, Isabela, Jack, Jafer, Jane, Jane Banks, Jaq, Jasmine, Jasper, Jessie, Jim Hawkins, Jimmy, John Smith, Judy, Kaa, Kala, Kanga, Kessie, Kristoff, Kuzco, Lady, Lady Kluck, LeFou, Li Shang, Lilo, Ling, Linguini, Louie, Louis, Lucky, Luisa, Lumière, Mal, Mary Poppins, Mad Hatter, Marlin, Maurice, Maui, Max, Meeko, Megara, Meilin Lee, Merida, Merryweather, Mickey, Michael Banks, Mim, Minnie, Moana, Mowgli, Mr. Potato Head, Mrs. Potts, Mufasa, Mulan, Mushu, Nala, Nana, Nani, Nash, Naveen, Nemo, Nora, Oliver, Oaken, Olaf, Pabbie, Pacha, Pascal, Patch, Peg, Pegasus, Pepa, Peter Pan, Perdita, Phoebus, Piglet, Pluto, Pocahontas, Pongo, Prince Charming, Prince Edward, Prince Eric, Prince Philip, Prudence, Pua, Pumbaa, Quasimodo, Queen of Hearts, Rafiki, Rajah, Rapunzel, Raya, Remy, Rex, Roger, Rolly, Roo, Russell, Sally, Sarafina, Scar, Scuttle, Sebastian, Sgt. Tibbs, Shenzi, Shere Khan, Sid, Simba, Sleepy, Slink, Sneezy, Snow, Stella, Sven, Thumpe, Tiana, Tigger, Timon, Tinker Bell, Triton, Tweedledum, Ursula, Wendy, White Rabbit, Winnie, Woody, Yzma, Zazu


Like I said, Disney has A LOT of characters — arguably too many.

Above, we detailed around 200 characters who have frequented Disney films.

Thanks for reading our word list Walt Disney

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