EU4 Teutonic Order Guide – War, Trade & More!

eu4 Teutonic Order guide

The Teutonic Order is a great nation to play if you are aiming to conquer Europe, and potentially Asia. Plus, they are one of the few nations that can create the infamous ‘space marines’ which is a term used when referring to their super overpowered army. That’s why in this eu4 Teutonic Order Guide, we will be covering what you will have to do to have a successful playthrough with the Teutons.

The Teutonic Order is a nation that has the unique ability to transform into Prussia, which is modern-day Germany. With killer idea sets and an overpowered army, I recommend to anyone that hasn’t played EU4 Teutonic Order before to give it a go, as it will be surprisingly fun. Trust me.

In this guide, I will be instructing you through the early, mid, and late game. As well as where you should be expanding into later in the playthrough.

The Teutonic Order has a slowish start, but as the game progresses, it has the ability to easily steamroll through Europe.

Unfortunately for the Teutonic Order, it has various events that significantly slow your expansion down. But don’t worry! With the knowledge I will be equipping you in this guide, you should have no problem dealing with them.

Some of these events are:

  • The Selling of Neumark
  • The Danzig Event
  • The Prussian Confederation

But without further ado, let’s jump into this eu4 Teutonic order guide!

EU4 Teutonic Order Guide (Step-by-Step)

Starting Moves as the Teutonic Order

  1. Firstly, you will want to focus your military points. This will give +2 to your monthly military gains.
  2. Next, check your diplomatic advisors, and if you have a tier 1 ‘ diplomatic reputation’ advisor, hire him.
Europa Universalis 4 Teutonic Order Guide Diplomatic Advisor
  1. Thirdly, you want to set your rivals to Poland, Lithuania and Wolgast.
  2. Afterward, improve relations with the Austrians. This is because your goal is to join the Holy Roman Empire, and to do this, you must have a good relationship with Austria.
Eu4 Holy Roman Empire Teutonic Order
  1. Now, you want to select your Allies. There is a bit of chance when it comes to who you have available to you, but if you can, choose:
    • Bohemia (Unless they have rivaled Austria, or Austria has rivaled them)
    • Hungary (May have to improve relations with them)
    • Livonion Order
    • Saxony
  2. Within the initial starting months, the event ‘The Prussian Confederation’ will take place. This event has the chance to seriously dent a nation, so make sure you follow my intructions carefully. To make a long story short, this event must be resolved within the first 16 years of the game, or Danzig will be released from your territory. You will subsequently have to go to War for against Danzig and the Polish to regain lost territory.
    The Way to deal with this event is to invoke the ‘Curtail the Prussian Federation’ National Idea, which requires:
    • Stability of at least 1
    • Fewer Rebel controlled provinces than 1
    • Land owned by the crown at least 40%
Teutonic Order The Prussian Confederation Event

All these requirements should be easy to achieve, except the ‘Land owned by the crown at least 40%’ one. So to deal with this event, you must seize land from your estates a total of 3 times, thus gaining crownland. Prioritizing the seizure of land is essential, as there is a cooldown. So, you will always want it on cooldown, so you can achieve that 40% crown land. So make sure you seize land from your estates as soon as it goes off cooldown. Furthermore, you must develop a province once, so pick any province within your nation, and develop it.

If you are unable to achieve the ‘Land owned by the crown at least 40%‘ by 1460, you can always assign to the Burghers the ‘Concede to the Prussian Confederation’ privilege, which will significantly impact your nation’s economy, but at least the event will not occur.

The Prussian Confederation Danzig Event
  1. Next, begin constructing a spy network in Wolgast, so you can fabricate a claim on the province of ‘Stolp’.
  2. Within the following years, if you improving relations with the emporer is not enough for you to join the Holy Roman Empire, send Austria a gift. This may have to be around 200 ducats, if so feel free to take some loans.
  3. Recruit the ‘Free Company’ Mercenaries in the province of ‘Danzig’. Furthermore, hire an admiral and assign him to your navy.
  4. Once you have fabricated a claim on the province of ‘Stolp’, declare war on Wolgast (unless they are allied to Poland, than disregard the following steps).
  5. The war against Wolgast should be a piece of cake. Once you have won the war, force Wolgast into becoming your vassal. Moreover, take as much money as they are willing to give you.
EU4 Wolgast and Stettin Nation
  1. At this point in the game, Lithuania is most likely in a Personal Union under Poland, and since you just vassalized Wolgast, you should have 2 vacant rival slots. Reset your rivals to Denmark, and Brandenberg.
  2. Improve relations with Wolgast, so they seize to be rebellious.
  3. Next, invade Stettin (unless Poland Allies them). If Poland does Ally Stettin, from time-to-time they should be preoccupied with other wars, such as wars with Hungary. So if they do, wait until they don’t accept the defensive call to arms by Stettin. Feel free to call in your Allies into this war (exept Bohemia).
  4. Force Stettin into becoming your vassal too, along with taking all their money.
  5. Now you have 2 vassals, assign the ‘Strong Duchies’ privilege to your Nobility. This will give you 2 extra diplomatic relationships.

What Ideas to Pick as the Teutonic Order?

What idea you begin with when playing the Teutonic Order largely depends on whether you have too many admin or military monarch points. Pick one of these ideas (not in order), depending on your situation:

  • Quantity Ideas (Military Idea)
  • Economic Ideas (Administrative Idea)
EU4 Ideas

Later Expansion as the Teutonic Order in EU4

Within the following years, you will want to invade Poland. To even the odds when fighting the Polish, call in the Bohemians or Hungarians if you were able to ally them. If not, you may need to improve relations with Poland’s enemies, as you will most likely not be able to take them on individually (at this stage). Once you have won the first war against Poland, your playthrough becomes ALOT easier. Take the land (shown in the image below) from the first war against them.

Eu4 Teutonic Order Guide War against Poland

From there on, you can continuously pick away at the Polish and Lithuanians and eventually take all their land. Furthermore, don’t forget to annex Wolgast and Stettin as soon as you can (which is 10 years after you first made them your vassal).

Thanks for Reading our EU4 Teutonic Order Guide!

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