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Fallout 4: How to Get the Robot Workbench (Automatron Addon-on)

This page contains information on Fallout 4 robot workbench.

The Robot Workbench is a settlement project found in Fallout 4 Automatron DLC. It enables the construction of various robots, including combinations that General Atomics International and RobCo have never accepted.

The Robot Workbench is used to modify robot companions by equipping them with plenty of robot mods, such as Codsworth and Ada. The workbench can only be created after completing the Mechanical Menace quest. It boasts of being the largest crafting station in Fallout 4 regarding width and height.

To craft the robot workbench, head to the Workshop menu and click on the Special category. The robot workbench does not need the Local Leader rank 2 in order to build a settlement. The materials needed to construct the workbench are aluminum, circuitry, fiberglass, gears, nuclear material, oil, plastic, and screws. Once these materials are gathered, you can begin the construction of a workbench.

The robot workbench can craft an automatron, a simple protectron without any armor. Once the robot has been forged, it will be given a default name Automatron-XXX. Still, they can be renamed like any piece of machinery or weapon. The materials required to construct an automatron include adhesives, aluminum, ceramic, circuitry, and rubber.

Players can select components from robot models such as Protectron, Mister Handy, Assaultron, Robotrain, and Sentry bot.

Fallout 4 Robot Workbench Can’t Build

It is also vital to note that not every customization will be available after the construction of a workbench. To unlock new components, players must complete the DLC quest.

Additionally, when creating a robot, the head, and arms are optional, with the automatron requiring none to be complete. However, this makes it vulnerable and weak since it cannot inflict damage or interact with its environment.

Fallout 4 Robot Workbench Schematics

Schematics are also crucial since they allow the Sole Survivor to build the robot workbench at any of the various settlements. They are handed to the Sole Survivor after the completion of the Mechanical Menace.

For players to have the capacity to make whole robot modifications, they must complete the following rank requirements: Robotics Expert, Armorer, Blacksmith, Gun Nut, and Science.

Codsworth and Curie are the few robots that can be modded before they become synths. Robots manufactured at the workbench can be relocated to settlements and run supply lines, enabling smooth lines running in dangerous environments.

Moreover, the robot workbench can produce infinite robots if the Sole Survivor has adequate supplies to construct them.  

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