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Flamethrower Build: The Pyromaniac (Fallout 4)

Fire is utterly mesmerizing, and even more so when you can use it in battle. Today, we’re going to cover the perfect pyromaniac build for Fallout 4, including stats, perks, gear, and companions. Soon, you’ll be razing the entirety of the wasteland and all of your enemies with a sea of flame!

The Pyromaniac scored as the fifth best in our Best Fallout 4 Builds List, so let’s get into the details of this build!

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Recommended Pyromaniac Stats

To start your pyromaniac build, you’ll need to choose your S.P.E.C.I.A.L. stats, arguably the most important part of setting up your character for the wasteland. You’ll want to start with 8 strength, 1 perception, 8 endurance, 1 charisma, 8 intelligence, 1 agility, and 1 luck. Yep, you’re not very likable, but you are smart and strong.

The high strength will play a key role in melee damage and your carry weight. The high endurance will increase your stamina and HP, both of which will be very important in this build that focuses on weapons that require you to get close to the enemy and take a lot of hits. The high intelligence will allow you to get perks faster, as this build needs many perks.

Recommended Pyromaniac Perks

As you level up, you’ll be able to select perks for your character. For this build, you’ll want to start with Big Leagues, which boosts your melee damage. It will be very strong in the early game, when your strength is high and melee weapons are plentiful. 

Because this build relies heavily on using chems like Jet and Psycho for an edge in close-quarters fights, your next perks will be Chemist and Chem Resistance, extending their duration and reducing the negative effects. You will also want to get Armorer and Blacksmith so you can customize your weapons and armor.

These perks are mandatory for the build, but all others are optional, and best selected based on your preferred playstyle. Hacker is recommended, and you could pick something like Cannibal for roleplaying purposes. Naturally, you’ll want to upgrade the mandatory perks like Big Leagues and Chemist as such level-ups become available.

Once you get past level 10, there will be more mandatory build perks to select, like Heavy Gunner to boost the damage of your heavy weapons (like the flamer). It’s also recommended that you get the Medic perk when available, as enemies start dealing more damage in the late game. 

From here, you should continue to upgrade the mandatory perks occasionally while picking other options that you want for your personal playstyle.

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Recommended Pyromaniac Weapons

For this build, you’ll use the Ripper, Flamer, Shishkebab and Molotovs. These will all benefit from your stats and the perks you’ll be using, and go well with the running and jumping fighting style you’ll most likely use when using chems like Jet and Psycho.

For armor, you can wear what you want, but you should upgrade the respective pieces to decrease damage while blocking, reduce damage from explosions, and decrease fall damage. This will all make you stronger in close-quarters combat, which your weapons require. 

Recommended Pyromaniac Companion

The best companion for this build is Strong. He likes aggressive characters and dislikes when you use Power Armor, which this build does not. He also gives you the powerful Berserker perk when you max out his affinity, which increases your melee damage significantly when your health drops to critical levels.

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