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Golf Rival Wind Chart (Explained)

Without the wind mechanic, all your shots should land at the center of the white dot. Although there is a tutorial explaining how the wind chart works, it’s short and hard to understand. For this reason, many players are lost in what to do.

Starting from Stage 2, players will begin experiencing the wind mechanic that influences the ball’s direction. Getting the ball in the hole may be difficult at first. However, this article will guide you through the Golf Rival Wind Chart so that you can master the game.

When you first start a round, the game will display two factors: the wind’s strength and direction. Both will affect how you make your shot.

Wind Chart

The type of wind chart you will have depends on the distance. Jump to…

White Ring Wind Chart (Long Range)

Here is the wind chart for long range shots:

  • Outermost Ring: 10 Wind Value
  • Third Ring: 9 Wind Value
  • Second Ring: 6 Wind Value
  • Innermost Ring: 3 Wind Value

Yellow Ring (Medium Range)

Here is the wind chart for medium range shots:

  • Outermost Ring: 20 Wind Value
  • Third Ring: 18 Wind Value
  • Second Ring: 12 Wind Value
  • Innermost Ring: 6 Wind Value

Green Ring (Close Range)

Here is the wind chart for close range shots:

  • Outermost Ring: 50 Wind Value
  • Third Ring: 45 Wind Value
  • Second Ring: 30 Wind Value
  • Innermost Ring: 15 Wind Value

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Using the Golf Rival Wind Chart provided above, you should be able to land most of your shots. This way, you can beat other players in competitive mode.

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