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How Do You Get a Large Milk in Coral Island?

There are a lot of different resources available for collection on Coral Island, and knowing how to obtain them is essential. One of the resources available is large milk, so how do you get a Large Milk in Coral Island? 

Adult cows produce large milk on coral islands only when adequately fed. In this article, we’ll look at large milk from cows and what large milk is used for. Let’s dive in!


How Do You Get Milk From a Cow on Coral Island?

Coral Island Cow Milk
Coral Island Cow Milk

As earlier stated, large milk is produced by adult cows on the coral islands. However, there are steps taken to extract the milk from the cow, and they are as follows

  1. First, you’ll need to get a milk pail
  2. Milk pails are obtained at the ranch shop for 300 gold. 
  3. After getting the pail, click on your adult cow to get large milk. 

…right-clicking is the wrong way to milk a cow. The milk pail is usually shown on your toolbar; you just need to click above the taskbar and not directly on it when you’re close to your cow.

You should also carefully check if your Cows are standing on Grass. This is because a cow standing on grass may not be able to get milked comfortably.

How Do You Get a Large Milk?

Large Milk
Large Milk

To get a Large Milk, you must use five hearts to increase your nine affection rate. Usually, The heart rating is measured in half. Every half of Coral Island has a 100-affection point.

Increasing the affection rating in your cow is essential as it earns you bonuses, and this happens when you:

  1. Ensure you spend time with your cows and show them affection. 
  2. Feeding your cows with suitable feeds each day. 
  3. You can let cows eat outside if you want to collect more points and bonuses in Coral Island. 

…remember not to be too carefree and carelessly forget your cows outside at night. Ignoring your cows will have a severe effect on your affection rating.

You need to have Large Milk to get the highest grades in Coral Island from your adult cows, but you must understand that adult cows can only produce large milk when you take proper care of them. 

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What Is Large Milk Used For?

On the coral islands, large milk can be converted into dairy products like large yogurt, and another benefit is that dairy is always in demand in the in-game market. 

Other uses of large milk include: 

  1. You can trade your large milk to other players for gold. 
  2. You can use your large milk for cooking meals. 
  3. Large milk can be converted into valuable dairy products like yogurts. 
  4. You can make butter in a mason jar and cheese out of a cheese press. 

…unhappy cows do not show any signs of milk production. Your happy cows will always show that they’re ready to be milked with milk pails.

The prices for large milk for cows are as follows:

  1. Base: 125
  2. Bronze: 144
  3. Silver: 163 Gold: 188
  4. Osmium: 250

…always remember that the profit derived from milk production will primarily depend on the quality of the milk produced.

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