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How Long is Hollow Knight?

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Hollow Knight has taken the gaming industry by storm, and has been recognized as one of the most successful games that came out of 2017. It is a platforming game, that immerses you in its calm, relaxing theme, yet grips you in the action. But, this has left players wondering — How Long is Hollow Knight?

Hollow Knight features a small, nameless creature as its protagonist. First appearing weak, it is anything from. You soon learn that the character wields a nail-like sword, and possess the capacity to do various abilities.

Don’t worry — these are all learned within the first 10 minutes of playing the game. No spoilers here!

How Long is Hollow Knight?

But with such great gameplay, you could argue that the game doesn’t last very long — it is, in fact short. But this is wrong.

So, how long can you expect to be playing Hollow Knight for?

How Long to Beat Hollow Knight?

For $15, how much gameplay can you expect? — well, quite a lot actually!

As a result, the developers have built quite the reputation for not leaving out ANY detail. That’s part of what makes the game so great!

Well, here is how long Hollow Knight takes to finish:

How Long Does Hollow Knight Take

As seen in the graph above, you can expect to squeeze a good 28 hours out of the game. If you wish, you could also complete the game further (shown as ‘Main + Extras’), and collect some of the hidden goods, found around the map — taking only 41 hours.

Alternatively, completely finishing the game — that is, finding all the secrets, beating all the bosses, and collecting all the items — would take you roughly 61 hours!

Now that is bang-for-buck if I have ever seen it — Remember that this game is only $15!

How Long is Hollow Knight With DLC?

Hollow Knight Playtime

This may be leading you to asking a question: How Long is Hollow Knight With DLC?

This too can be seen above, within the graph. The ‘Main + Extras’ category states that with the DLC, you can expect to play for roughly 41 hours!

What do the Experts Say About How Long Hollow Knight is?

We asked experts on Reddit to tell us their experience regarding Hollow Knight playtime. A simple question was asked: what is your average completion time?

Well, many responses were gathered — and let’s see what the statistics say. They confirmed what we saw above, with them stating that if you are an experienced player, or utilizing a tutorial, you can expect roughly 20 hours of gameplay.

Meanwhile, if it is your first-ever time playing the game, and want to complete it, expect a good 40 hours. That too, confirms the graph above, which states it takes 39 hours.

How Long is Hollow Knight VoidHeart Edition?

How Long is Hollow Knight VoidHeart Edition

Hollow Knight Void Heart is a version of the base game, that features various news quests, bosses, areas, and more!

As a result, you can expect a significantly longer playtime when checking How long is Hollow Knight VoidHeart edition.

The general consensus among the community is that the time it takes to beat the game is this:

  • 50-80 hours

This is a sizeable jump from the base game, which only features 20-40 hours.


So, what have we learned? That if you are looking for a fantastic indie game packed with quality gameplay, then Hollow Knight is the game for you.

For only $15, this game is likely to leave you impressed. The various bosses that you are faced with, the friendships you make along the way, the quests you must complete — all make this a must-play for any platforming enthusiast.

Here has been our guide answering the question How Long is Hollow Knight?

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