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How Many Matchington Mansion Levels Are There?

This guide will explain everything you need about Matchington Mansion levels. Additionally, it will explore what late-game levels look like, such as levels 5000, 6000, and 7000.

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How Many Levels are in Matchington Mansion 2022?

Matchington Mansion is most definitely a long game — with almost an endless number of levels to complete. This left players asking how many levels are in Matchington Mansion. 

Before answering that, you first must understand that the developers frequently add more levels. So, this number might change. However, we will try to keep it as up-to-date as possible. 

Update August: Right now, the highest recorded level reached was by a player called Sarah. She let us know in the comments that she reached 7629, saying that this was the final level.

Update October: A player called Cindy overtook Sarah’s highest record of 7629 by achieving level 7829.

Update 2023: A player called Amy overtook Cindy’s highest record of 7829 by achieving level 8433.

Matchington Mansion Level 5000

Level 5000 in Matchington Mansion is quite the achievement — not too many players reach this level, let alone know about it. 

The level requires the player to collect 99 jelly blocks using dynamite found on every block on the map. Once the top half of the map has been dealt with, the lower half is revealed. Here, players must collect more jelly blocks that have formed the message “5000”. 

Once finished, the player receives a star. 

Matchington Mansion Level 6000

Matchington Mansion level 6000 is similar to level 5000, except slightly harder. 

In order to complete it, the level requires you to collect 28 blocks of dirt, 56 coffee cups, and 59 jelly blocks.

Over the course of the level, the player will use dynamite in order to reveal a message placed by the developers, which states “6K”. 

Once completed, the player received a star as a reward.

Matchington Mansion Level 7000

Matchington Mansion Level 7000

As far as the community is aware, there is no recorded level in the 7000s.

This may be for two reasons: 

The case may be that the developers have yet to make levels this high and are spending their resources on other matters, like events.

On the other hand, these levels may exist, but no human player has ever reached them and, as such, has been able to explain what takes place.

If the day comes when a player manages to achieve level 7000, I will be sure to update this post. 

Matchington Mansion Final Level

There is no conclusive evidence of a final level in Matchington Mansion. To this day, players continue to progress through the game — as no one has managed to fully complete the game. The most recent highest level was 6500, but what is after that remains a mystery.

How Do You Beat Matchington Mansion?

Beating Matchington Mansion is no easy task; it takes WEEKS, MONTHS, and even YEARS. In order to complete Matchington Mansion, you will have to be good, as you have around 6500 levels to finish (and potentially even more with the frequency of updates). A workaround for this is to install cheats to help you out — it’s not technically cheating if you only play single-player. 

Can You Skip a Level in Matchington Mansion?

If you are struggling to finish a level, you have a bit of a problem; there is no way to skip a level in Matchington Mansion. This means you will have to try, try, and try again. Alternatively, you can spend 500 coins to extend your moves by five.

Matchington Mansion Levels Cheats

Matchington Mansion Cheats

Besides improving your Matchington Mansion skills, cheats and mods may come in handy to ensure that you always win. Doing this will give you a little edge while playing the game. For instance, installing a modded version will allow you to continue playing a level without worrying about the number of moves remaining. 

By this point, you should know everything about how many levels are in Matchington Mansion, from rounds 5000 to 6000 to 7000. 

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