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Matchington Mansion Cheats for Stars and Money

The guide will provide Matchington Mansion cheats for unlimited stars and coins using a cheat APK (works for Android and iOS).

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Matchington Mansion Cheat APK

The Matchington Mansion mod menu is an APK that’s free to purchase. It allows players to modify the game in various ways, making levels easier to play.

Commonly, game APKs are made for Android users because their software is more fitted for downloading files off the internet. By contrast, iOS is more strict regarding what its users can download from the internet. For this reason, Matchington Mansion Mod APKs for iOS are harder to come by. 

Either way, this guide will provide Matchington Mansion cheats without human verification.

Matchington Mansion Hack Unlimited Stars and Coins

The Matchington Mansion cheats in 2022 have some pretty great features! The APK is jam-packed with valuable elements that make playing the game all too easy.

Here is a list of features that players get after downloading:

  • Unlimited stars
  • Unlimited coins.

As you can see, the hack has some pretty good benefits. In addition, players can spend their newfound coins and stars in the game and, thus, will rarely lose. In this regard, this cheat essentially gives unlimited lives too.

APK Update StatusiOS and AndroidWORKING
Unlimited LivesiOS and AndroidWORKING
Unlimited StarsiOS and AndroidWORKING

In order to download the Matchington Mansions hack, follow these steps:

  1. Open your mobile device’s home screen.
  2. Uninstall Matchington Mansion (the unmodded version).
  3. Download the Matchington Mansion APK (click here).
  4. Follow the installation instructions. 
  5. Open the game to access the included cheats.

Now you have completed downloading the Matchington Mansion unlimited stars mod APK.

Matchington Mansion Mod APK Update

Matchington Mansion gets updated… a lot. In turn, developers must frequently update the mod APK too. For this reason, we needed to pick a modded APK that got updated frequently and works with the latest version. In addition, we had to make sure that it was a free purchase—because no one want’s to pay for cheats. 

That’s why we are dedicated to regularly updating this page, which means that these hacks likely work when you read this. If they don’t, contact me by commenting (below). I will make sure to update the APK as soon as possible.

Matchington Mansion Mod APK Update

Are These Matchington Mansion Cheats Without Human Verification?

The above APK mod menu does not include human verification for those who are more malicious. If you are a programmer, you can run code within the app. 

By contrast, if you are a regular player, don’t worry! Players shouldn’t pair you with any bots.

Why You Shouldn’t Use Generators

All too often, I find players that use generators to give their account resources, whether it’s coins, stars, or hearts. Know that ALL these so-called generators are FAKE. Not once have I found a real generator that produces any of these resources. 

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Other Ways to Get Infinite Lives (Without Cheats)

If you are struggling to convince yourself to cheat in Matchington Mansion, here is a method for getting infinite lives (for one hour) without cheating:

  1. In the top right, click the Facebook icon. 
  2. A window should appear; select the Like Us button.
  3. Like the Matchington Mansion Facebook page.
  4. Reopen the game.

Doing this will provide your account with one full hour of unlimited lives.

As a result of reading this, you should now be familiar with all the Matchington Mansion cheats. In addition, you should have downloaded the mod menu APK, which provides unlimited stars and coins.

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  1. The file is too large to download in my chrome or safari browser apps – I opted to download mega to support downloading the file but I can’t seem to get it to work?

  2. I downloaded the hack for unlimited coins and stars for matchington mansion on my Samsung Galaxy tabA downloaded ok but when I try to follow the prompt to update game to synchronize progress although it downloads i receive message stating it can’t be installed

    1. You must not have already installed Matchinton Mansion.

      In other words, you must uninstall the legit version of Matchinton Mansion, then install the APK.

      Don’t forget to save your progress before uninstalling by linking your account!

  3. I don’t really want to start at level one again and lose all the
    Gear I have gathered for Tiffany and side games along the way having to start from level one would be the pits when I was on level 6801
    Help would be very much appreicated

  4. I’m on an iPhone, downloaded mega and the file downloaded just fine but when I select the file, nothing comes up to install.

  5. I have the modded version downloaded from here but it keeps saying it needs an update. I can’t seem to access any side missions or visit friends or get new furniture etc with out the updated version…how do I update it but keep my currents mods?

  6. Hi. I followed your instructions on installing the matchington mansion mod pack. I can’t connect it to my Facebook account and that it keeps giving me an error page. Is there a way to fix this? Let me know please. Thanks

  7. – Is there a way to modify what puzzle lvl we’re on?

    – what happened to the main character’s outfit options?

  8. Installed your app on a brand new Samsung tablet downloaded and installed okay but when I follow the instructions to update although it downloads it will not install Is there a way to fix this

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