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How to Auto Collect Bananas in Bloons TD 6

This page explains how to auto collect bananas in Bloons TD 6.

Bananas play a significant role in Bloons TD 6 in that it provides resources that players can use to purchase stuff in-game. At $20 gold a piece, a pile of bananas can easily add to the players’ riches, which raises their chances of survival or victory with every round. However, getting bananas comes at a caveat—it takes players to get them as they are produced manually.

How to Use Scripts for Automatic Banana Collection

PC players, meanwhile, have a way of circumventing the constraint of forcing the players to manually claim their bananas. Using an external program or a script, players have the option to automate certain behaviors that make the game substantially easier to play. Particularly, AFK farming. One such program is the freeware, TinyTask.

Here is how you can use TinyTask to automate the collection of bananas in-game:

  1. Download the client at and install it.
  2. While running Bloons TD 6, press the following keys simultaneously: “Alt + Ctrl + Shift + R” to bring up the app.
  3. With the TinyTask menu appearing, choose “Rec”.
  4. While recording, play your best as you would on a given map, bearing in mind that what you do will be mimicked later on. But make sure to never touch the scroll wheel while making a record.
  5. Be away from the keyboard (AFK) until the game finishes.
  6. Upon completion of a game, go back to the Home menu.
  7. Choose to play a map at the Expert difficulty.
  8. End the recording by pressing the same key combo as earlier: “Alt + Ctrl + Shift + R”.
  9. With that done, choose “Save”.
  10. Then, at Prefs (Preferences), choose “Continuous Playback”.
  11. To begin farming, open TinyTask again (Alt + Ctrl + Shift + R) while on the main menu and select “Open”. From here, locate the record you have made (has a file type of “.rec”).
  12. Opt to play by clicking on “Play” and then choosing a map under Expert difficulty.
  13. Once the game started, kickstart the macro by pressing the following keys all at the same time: “Alt + Ctrl + Shift + P”.

How to Use Monkey Farmers for Automatic Banana Collection

Monkey Banana Farmer
Monkey Banana Farmer

Without using a “cheat” as the kind of software mentioned previously, players can still gather their bananas automatically. All the players need are Banana Farmers, which can be called forth in-game after purchasing it as a power.

As a general rule of thumb, a Banana Farmer—also known as the Monkey Farmer—gets bananas from a Banana Farm that is within its range. Consequently, Banana Farmers are usually best placed in areas near Banana Farms in order to facilitate the automatic collection of yellow goodies for the player.

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How to Use Monkey Banks and Monkey Central

Banana Farm
Banana Farm

There are plenty of ways that players can generate in-game money. Two of these are the Monkey Banks and the Monkey Central.

Monkey Banks happen when the player chooses to upgrade their Banana Farm three times, following Path 2. Akin to a bank in real life, the purpose of a Monkey Bank is to produce the player some gold. In this case, between $230, $270, and $310 per round, if the Monkey Bank is set at either base, with Increased Production, or with Greater Production, respectively.

Meanwhile, Banana Central takes place when the player chooses to upgrade their Banana Farm five times in order to attain its final form while following Path 1. A better money-making tool than the Banana Bank, the Banana Central generates 5 large crates of Bananas worth $1200, or for a greater amount of $1500 with Valuable Bananas. Additionally, having it also comes with the benefit of boosting every Banana Research Facility’s cash per crate production by 25%.

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