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How to Beat Challenge 12 on Merge Magic

Hello! We are back here with another walkthrough for a Merge Magic Challenge. Today we are talking about Challenge 12. Read through the instructions below to finish this challenge. Pay careful attention when you merge the seeds because you must merge all five. So here is the walkthrough for Merge Magic Challenge 12.

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How to Beat Merge Magic Challenge 12 

Challenge 12 Specifics 

Challenge 12, also known as Level 76, has a Compass Cost of 3 and a goal of creating a Mythical Idol. The goal stars are to grow Floating Rock, tap an Ancient Druid Temple three times, and merge three Fallen Stars. The potential rewards are Wise Floating Rock, Tiny Pond, and Rock Minotaur Egg.

Challenge 12 Walkthrough

Tap once on the Dyr Nest. Then merge the egg you get from it with those four others on the Super Cursed Land. Next, activate the Area Blesser. Merge that Fruit Bush Shrub with the others on the Super Cursed Land. Activate another Area Blesser. Merge five tiny logs, four on the Super Cursed Land, and activate a third Area Blesser. 

Merge two Rocky Underwood with one of them on Super Cursed Land and then merge four Fruit Bush Seeds with the one on the Super Cursed Land. Make sure you merge all five. Otherwise, you won’t be able to win the level. Now, you have two sprouts. Merge them with the one on the Super Cursed Land.

Now you should merge five Minor Blessings, four of which are on Super Cursed Land and activate the two Area Blessers. Then, merge the two Druid Stones with the one on Super Cursed Land. Now you have a pile of them. You want to merge that pile with two on the Super Cursed Land. 

This will cause a combo merge with the two Bundle of Druid Stones. This creates an Ancient Druid Temple. This you want to tap on three times and then merge the three Mineral Stones. This creates one Mineral Rock. Merge this with those four on Supe Cursed Land. Now you want to activate that Area Blesser.

Now, merge the two Little Blessing Orbs with three more on Super Blessed Land, then two Young Blessing Orbs with the three others on the Super Blessed Land. Finally, merge the Floating Rock with those two others on the Super Cursed Land. This floating Rock will come from a Tiny Pond. You may have to wait for one.

Activate that Area Blesser, then merge the three Goal Stars, two on Cursed Land. Then merge three Blessing Orbs, one of which is on Cursed Land. Tap on the Great Blessing Orb, so the land’s unlocked, then merge the Broken Mythical Idols to finish the challenge level. Congratulations! You have done it!

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