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How to Beat Challenge 16 in Merge Dragons

Hello again, and welcome back to one of our Merge Dragon Challenge walkthroughs. This walkthrough deals with one of the more difficult challenges in Merge Dragons. Today we will show you how to beat Challenge 16 in Merge Dragons. we’ll begin with the specifics and then go to the walkthrough.

Challenge 16 is also Level 108, and it costs 7 Chalices. The goal is to create a Grand Gaia Statue, and the Goal Stars are to merge and heal 12 Dead Land, merge five Life Orbs simultaneously, and open a chest (level 4). The potential rewards are Young Fruit Tree, Magic Shroom Stalk, and Grass Dragon Egg.

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Challenge 16 Walkthrough

Step 1: Getting Started

There is a particular way that you must do this to win the challenge. First, you must merge the five Magic Shroom Clusters and then the five Sharp Dragon Eggs. Then, merge the Life Essence on the land at the map’s top right corner. Then merge five tiny Life Orbs.

Go down to the bottom lefthand side where the Life Flower Totem is, and merge those Life Orbs on the Super Dead Land. Then, activate that Heal Extender. Merge those Magic Shroom Stalks on the Super Dead Land at the Life Flower Totem’s upper left and the upper right.

Find the Magic Shrooms on the middle-left island and merge them on the Dead Land. Tap on the Life Flower Totem. This will give you a lot of Life Flowers, then merge them in groups of five until a Twin Life Flower is made. Merge this flower on the top-left island. Finish by activating that Heal Extender.

Step 2: Life Flowers, Shrooms, and Pineapples

Merge extra Life Flowers on the Dead Land on the island at the top middle and activate that Heal Extender. Next, merge the Young Fruit Tree on the Dead Land in the middle bottom section. Then activate that Heal Extender. Now, merge the Hero Mushroom on the left-hand Super Dead Land.

Next, move on by unlocking the two pineapples by healing the land on the upper right, then merge them onto the island in the middle right. Unlock the Ruby Plains Gras by healing the land at the bottom right. Merge this grass on the island to the bottom right.

Step 3: The Grass Is Not Always Greener

Merge the Ruby Plains Grass on the island to the bottom-left and then merge the Emerald Plains Grass in this area. Merge the five Elderwood on the island in the bottom-middle and activate those Heal Extenders.

Merge those Treasure Chests (Chained) on the land that’s in the top-middle and activate those Heal Extenders. Harvest Life Flowers and use the essence to heal the Demon Gates. Destroy these as they’re unlocked. Merge the Gaia Statues to restore them, and then merge the ones you’ve restored to finish the level.

Now you know how to finish Challenge 16. Since it is one of the more difficult ones, don’t be surprised if it takes a few tries. Thank you for taking some time to read our blog. Look around while you’re here and see what other tips we have for your favorite games.

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