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How to Beat Challenge 16 in Merge Magic

Hello! We at Neural Gamer are so happy that you have chosen to come to our website. We aim to be the place where everyone comes to get tips for their favorite video games. Today we are talking about Merge Magic Challenge 16. First, we are going to give you some information about the challenge, and then we’ll walk you through it.

Challenge 16, also called Level 109, has a compass cost of 3. The goal is to create one Grater Mythical Idol, and the Goal Stars are Lift Curse by Merging 12 times, merge five Blessing Orbs simultaneously, and open one level 4 chest. Dyr Egg, Fruit Bush Shrub, and Soul Mana Rock are potential rewards.

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Challenge 16 Walkthrough

The first thing to do is to merge the five Faint Spirit Rocks. Then you merge one of the Soul Mana Rocks you create with two more on the Super Dead Land. You’ll find them on the left. This will create one Arcane Lifestone. Then, you take the other Soul Spirit Rock and merge it with two other ones on the Super Dead Land you’ll find on to the right on the bottom.

Now you have two Arcane Lifestones. You want to merge these with the other one on the lefthand Super Dead Land. Unlock that Fruit Bush Shrub by activating that Area Blesser. Merge it with two more on the Super Dead Land located at the map’s top left. There’s an Area Blesser there you must activate so the Wise Floating Rock’s unlocked.

Merge this with two more on the top middle of Super Dead Land. Unlock a third Soul Mana Rock by activating that Area Blesser. You want to merge that with two more in the field’s middle on the Super Dead Land. Merge the Peacat Eggs in a group of five, using two free ones and three on the Super Dead Land.

You have a Dyr Egg available. There are two more on the lefthand Super Dead Land, so merge them. Then merge the three Minotaur Eggs. Let your creatures destroy that Evil Statue. This can be done by activating the Area Blesser and then tapping on it or merging and allowing it to happen naturally.

Merge the three Blessed Saplings. Harvest two Little Blessing Orbs from that Young Blessed Tree you just created and then merge with another one you will find at the map’s bottom on Super Dead Land. Merge two Young Blessed Trees with a third on the Super Dead Land found on your screen’s bottom left.

Let your creatures destroy that Evil Statue. Then merge your available Blessed Tree with the two others on the bottom right of Super Cursed Land. Merge the three Teeming Treasure Chests – two available and the other on the righthand Super Cursed Land. Destroy the Evil Statue with your creatures.

Harvest your Ruby Blessed Tree to get three orbs and then merge them with two more. Merge two Blessing Orbs with a third on the Super Cursed Land. Destroy the statue. Be sure you’ve activated all the Area Blessers and then tap on the Great Blessing Orb. You’ll find this on your screen’s lower right-hand side next to the Druid Stone. You’ll want to unlock it without having to merge.

Hopefully, you also have unlocked that Broken Mythical Idol in the center. If you haven’t, harvest the Ruby Blessed Tree for another orb and tap on it close to the idol. Move that idol someplace else and then merge the three Druid Stones with another two on the Super Cursed Land.

Line the stones up horizontally, with the ones on the Super Dead Land at each of the line’s ends. Now, you are almost done. First, merge the five Broken Mythical Idols. Then, merge the three Broken Mythical Idols. Finally, finish the challenge by merging those Mythical Idols. You have done it!

Well, that brings us to the end of another blog about Merge Magic. We hope that you enjoyed it and that you will be a regular visitor to our website. We have a lot of great tips and tricks here, so look around and see what you find. Please comment below if you would like to and have a really great day!

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