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How to Beat Challenge 19 in Merge Dragons

We’re almost through with the Merge Dragon Challenge walkthrough posts. Today we are covering another walkthrough post, showing you how to beat Challenge 19 in Merge Dragons. It’s not too hard of a challenge. But limited dragons can make it tricky. So here we go.

Challenge 19 is also known as Level 113. It has a Chalice cost of 4, and the end goal is to create the Gaia Statue; its Goal Stars are to create 8,000 points for beginner achievement, 12,000 points for advanced achievement, and 14,000 points for expert achievement. The potential rewards are a Fledgling Puddle, Toadstool Dragon Egg, and a Budding Shrub.

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Challenge 19 Walkthrough

First, you’re going to see a Tiny Life Orb on that middle island. Grab it. To the right, you will see an Island with a Lost Soul’s Grave. Place your orb below the grave. Activate that orb to heal the dead land, which will activate that Heal Extender below the Gaia Statue.

Now, if you are trying to complete the level, you can stop here and merge the three Gaia statues. However, if you want to get all of the Goal Stars, read on to find out what else you must do to get the score you need.

First, you will want to tap on the Tribal Dragon Nest. Then you’ll want to merge the eggs you get on the Dead Land located in the center. Merge your Rock Dragon eggs and the Crimson Dragon Eggs. Then destroy any Zomblin caves. Zomblins are going to keep coming until they’re destroyed, so drag your dragons to them instead of tapping on them,

If one of the Zomblin locks a land where there’s a Life Flower, move it somewhere else. When you’ve destroyed all the caves, harvest from the Life Flowers so that you can heal the land that has been lost. Merge those Fruit Trees on the bottom middle island.

One of the easiest ways to reach the achievements is to merge those tombs you get when you destroy the Zomblins. Want to get more tombs? Tap on the caves to spawn more Zomblins. Once you have finished all the point achievements, you can merge the statues and complete this level.

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