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How to Beat Challenge 20 in Merge Dragons

Are you ready for another Challenge walkthrough to help you in Merge Dragons? We thought so! Today we are going to walk you through Challenge 20. This one isn’t too difficult if you keep an eye on your puddles. So here is a guide on how to beat Challenge 20 in Merge Dragons. 

Challenge 20, also known as Level 138, has a Chalice Cost of 4. The goal is to restore the Gaia Statue, and the Goal Stars are to merge Rain Puddles, Fledgling Puddles, and one Twin Life Flower. The potential rewards are Dragon Tree Seeds, a Spotted Dragon Egg, and a Dragon Tree Sapling.

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Challenge 20 Walkthrough

Getting Started

First, you’ll see a Tanzanite Plains Grass. Merge it on the land to its location’s right. Do the same thing with the Emerald Plains Grass. Merge the Leaf to that land below, and then merge the sapling you have created on the land to the center-left.  

Next, you’ll find Ruby Plains grass, so merge that with the land below where it was found. Then merge the sprouts and the Life Flower on the land in the upper center. Then merge the resulting Blue Life Flower in the same area. 

Life Flowers & Eggs

You’ve unlocked a Life Flower, so merge that and then merge those Blue Life Flowers. There are Glowing Life Flowers to the bottom-left, so merge them. Then, take care of merging the Green Dragon Eggs. Now it’s time to harvest from your Life Flower so that you can unlock the Dead Land areas. 

Merge the Life essence to the adjoining land. This way, it won’t be wasted on Super Dead Land. Now you want to take care of the Fruit Trees. Merge the Young Fruit tree on the land in the top-left, then merge the small Fruit Tree on that land right below. Finally, merge that Fruit Tree on the land on the left. 

When they’re available, merge those Fresh Stones on the land below the place you found them. Make sure that your dragons aren’t harvesting them. Merge the Moss Covered Stone on the land in the center.

The Home Stretch

Now, look for Magic Mushroom Caps on the land to the left and then on the land at the center-right, which is also where you will find Emerald Plains Grass. Merge that on the same land. Merge your Mushroom Caps on the land to your very left. 

Next, merge those Rain Puddles on the land at the right, where you were working. Then merge the Magic Mushroom Caps on the far-right land. Now, merge that Fledging Puddle in that same area. But it would be best if you worked fast because otherwise, it will become a mushroom.

Merge a Magic Shroom Cluster on the bottom-left, then merge the Spotted Dragon Eggs. Now, merge those Fresh Graves and the Corwin’s Tomb onto the others at the bottom center. Finally, activate that Heal Extender, destroy those Demon Gates and finish the level by merging the Gaia Statues.

Now you know what you must do to beat this challenge level. We hope that you found this helpful and that you were able to follow it. Please comment below and let us know what you think of it. Thank you for stopping by, and have a great day!

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