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How to Beat Challenge 26 in Merge Dragons

Today we are covering another one of the Challenges in Merge Dragons, Challenge 26. This is one of the Challenges with Mystic Cloud Keys, and it’s not very hard if you know what to do. So, we will show you how to beat Challenge 26 in Merge Dragons. Let’s get started! 

Challenge 26 is also called Level 180 and costs 7 Chalices. The goal is to create a Gaia Statue, and the Goal Stars are to open one sunken chest, hatch 2 Roc Whelps, and tap one Nice Fruit Tree for Bananas. The potential rewards are one Magic Shroom Stalk, a Roc Egg, and a Drake’s Ridge.

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Challenge 26 Walkthrough

Make a Fruit Tree by finding the Small Fruit Trees in the lower center-right and merging them. Tap on it to get Grapes and then line it with the Mystic Cloud Key in the lower lefthand side of the screen. Merge them to create one Large Fruit tree. This won’t require that Fruit Tree you created earlier. Leave it there.

Tap on that tree to get a Raspberry, and then line it with that Mystic Cloud Key on the lower righthand side. Merge the three of them and create one Nice Fruit Tree. Tap on it to get a banana, and then line it up in the center with the Mystic Cloud Key. Merge the group of five Roc Eggs.

Get one Tiny Life Orb by harvesting Life Flowers and then line the Orb up with the middle-left Mystic Cloud Key. Keep on harvesting the Life Flowers and merge the Life Orbs so that you have one Small Life Orb. Line this up with the middle-right Mystic Cloud Key. 

Continue to harvest the Life Flowers and merge the orbs until you have a Life Orb. Then line this with the upper-left Mystic Cloud Key. There are three Mystic Autumn Trees, so merge them to create the Pinkberry Autumn Tree. Line this up with the upper-right Mystic Cloud Key. 

Create an Aged Fruit Tree by merging the Nice Fruit Trees. Tap on this, get a pear and then line this up with the upper-center Mystic Cloud Key. Finally, merge the three Gaia Statues. That will complete this challenge in Merge Dragons. Congratulations on doing it!

Now you know how to beat this challenge in Merge Dragons. We have many other helpful tips and tricks for the video games you play on our website, so please look around, and you may be pleasantly surprised. Thanks so much for taking the time to read our blog, and please come back soon!

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