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How to Beat Challenge 29 in Merge Dragons

We have posted other posts about Merge Dragon Challenges, and we’re continuing with these guides. Today guide you on how to beat Challenge 29 in Merge Dragons. First, we will look at the challenge’s specifics and then give you a walkthrough on how to beat the level.

Challenge Specifics

  • Level: 207
  •  Chalice Cost: 3
  •  Primary Goal: Create a Restored Statue
  • Goal Stars:
    • Destroy 4 Zomblins,
    • Create 2 Doom Crosses,
    • Heal all Land
  •  Potential Rewards: Life Orb, Grimm Chest, Rock Dragon Egg

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Walkthrough for Challenge 29

Challenge 29
Challenge 29

To complete this level, you start by swapping two middle dragon portals. This will merge five portals of each kind and summon four dragons. Then you must merge Petrified Zomblins and destroy the Zomblin that results and merge three Fresh Graves. Finally, activate the Heal Extenders.

Moving on, you want to merge Petrified Zomblins and destroy the Zomblin that results. Then merge three Fresh Graves and activate the Heal Extenders. Finally, merge three Corwin’s Tombs and three Lost Soul’s Graves, then activate the Heal Extenders.

Once you have activated the Heal Extenders, merge the Petrified Zomblin and destroy the resulting Zomblin. Then, merge three Corwin’s Tombs, three Lost Soul’s Graves, and three Doom Crosses. Then, activate the Heal Extender and merge the Gaia Statues.

There you are! That’s how you beat Challenge 29 on Merge Dragons. We love Merge Dragons, and we know that you do too. Come back to our site to learn more tips on beating the challenges to get further in the game. Have a great day, and thanks for stopping by! Please leave a comment below and let us know what you think.

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