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How to Beat Challenge 30 in Merge Dragons

Hello! We are down to the second-to-last challenge in Merge Dragons. We will show you how to beat challenge 30 in Merge Dragons. In this level, you must collect the floating life orbs and merge items on the dead land. Although you get dragons, they’re not necessary until the very end.

Challenge 30 is also called level 212, and it costs 3 Chalices. The goal is to restore the Gaia Statue, and the Goal Stars are to hatch six Skeleton Dragon Whelps, merge to heal 50 Dead Land, and harvest 8 times from Gossamer Life Tree. The potential rewards are Life Orb, Green Dragon Egg, and Grimm Chest of Decay.

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Challenge 30 Walkthrough

Getting Started

First, you must wait for the floating Life Orbs. You cannot do anything until some appear on your screen’s left-hand side. Use one of the tiny orbs to unlock those clouds in the top left-hand side of the screen. A Skeleton Egg Nest will appear. Tap on the nest four times.

Then merge each of the eggs with those four you’ll find on Super Dead Land. You do this by moving the eggs to the map’s four corners. Let the dragons harvest the Life Essence and merge it while waiting for more floating Life Orbs. Unlock those clouds in your bottom left using Furious Life Orb.

Keep in the back of your mind that you will need a total of three. After you’ve unlocked those clouds in your screen’s top left and you’re waiting to get your Furious orb, merge a Life Flower with the two on the Dead Land. Then merge the Blue Life Flower that results with those other two on the Dead Land. You’ll find these in the upper row.

Continuing the Level

You now have a Glowing Life Flower. Merge this with those three on the Dead Land right below, creating the Twin Life Flower. You’re going to have one left over. When you have time to do so, work on that outer rim. You’ll find a lot of Sprouts that you can merge. You don’t have to do this to complete the level, but it can help in the long run.

However, don’t let yourself be tempted to use one of your Life Orbs to unlock the top-right clouds. Otherwise, you will also have to heal the Dead Land there. Once you have your Furious Life Orb and unlocked those clouds in the screen’s lower left, merge your Twin Life Flower with those four on the Dead Land.

Create a Life Tree Sprout by merging one of those Brilliant Life Flowers that you created with the four that are on the Dead Land. Make two more of the Furious Life Orbs out of the Floating Life Orbs, then merge them and make a Wonderous Life Orb. Use this to unlock the cloud section on the lower right-hand side.

Next, do the following:

  • Make Life Tree Sapling by Merging Sprouts with those on Dead Land.
  • Make one Rooted Life Tree by merging the Sapling with those on Dead Land.
  • Make one Fanciful Life Tree by merging the Rooted with those on Dead Land.
  • Make one Gossamer Life tree by merging the Fanciful with those on Dead Land. Then harvest this to get Wonderous Life Orbs.

Healing Your Statues

Now you want to heal two of your Gaia Statues. Since the tree you just created is of a high level, you can have three of your dragons harvest it at once. Drag each of the dragons to it until there’s a blue edge on the plot, and you see “Harvest” appear.

Once your dragons have harvested the tree, make sure that you take them back to that tree. Don’t tap on it since this will make your other dragons stop harvesting. Keep in mind that some of the whelps could merge as well. Merge five of the Wonderous orbs and make two of the Great Orbs.

Move one of these orbs alongside the statue that is furthest from any of the Super Dead Land. Let it heal it. Then do this with your other statue. Then take those two statues to the other one, merging them. Well, there you have it. that’s all you need to know about finishing this challenge.

We hope that you found this blog to be helpful. Although our series of blogs about Merge Dragon challenges is nearly done, we have many more fun posts planned, and we know you will love them. So please stay tuned and leave a comment below if you would like.

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