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How to Beat Challenge 31 in Merge Dragons

Wow! What a ride it’s been! Today we have reached the final Challenge in Merge Dragons. Thank you for being here with us for this momentous occasion. Today we will show you how to beat Challenge 31 in Merge Dragons. So, let’s get this party started!

Challenge 31 is also called Level 321, the final challenge in Merge Dragons. It costs 5 Chalices, and the goal is to create a Gaia Statue. The Goal Stars are to catch five floating seeds, make one Carnivorous Shroom, and create one Dark Grimm Tree. Triple Shroom, Toadstool Egg, and Nice Treasure Chest are potential rewards.

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Challenge 31 Walkthrough

First Section: Lower Platform’s Outer Ring

Merge the Emerald Plains grass to the bottom right-hand corner. Then merge the Dragon Tree seeds to the bottom right-hand side. You’ve created a Life Sprout, so you want to merge that with the two up above on the right-hand side. Now, activate that Heal Extender.

Next, Roc eggs are on your screen’s top left-hand side. Merge them and activate that Heal Extender. Then move the Pink Life Flowers to the top-left and set your dragons to gather the Life Essence. Dragon Tree Saplings are on the bottom left-hand side, so merge them.

Now it’s time to merge the tree you created with the two on the screen’s left-hand side. Merge five Life Essences you just harvested to the screen’s middle-left. Then activate that Heal Extender. Grimm seeds are at the bottom, so merge those and activate that Heal Extender.

Merge those Tiny Life Orbs at the top middle-left and merge those Mushroom caps at the screen’s top left. Now, use those created Spotted Shrooms for your first cloud key. This will complete the first section of this challenge, so now it’s time to complete the second section.

Section 2:  Lower Platform’s Healable Inner Ring

There are Spotted Shrooms down in the lower left-hand corner that you should merge. Then activate that Heal Extender. A Gargoyle egg should be moved up to the top left. This is beside the one on the Dead Land. When you have the small Life Orbs, release them in the square’s bottom corners. This way, they are hitting many sections that aren’t Dead Land.

Merge the Gargoyle Eggs located at the section’s top. Have this dragon harvest the Life Essence as well. Scatter the Unearthed Skeletons and then merge them. Then merge any flowers in groups of five in the bottom right-hand and top left-hand corners. This is going to release essence over those squares. So that means that there won’t be Dead Land in that outer ring.

Take a Tiny Orb and use it at the top. You want to release the seeds. You won’t waste the essence on that Dead Land at the top right. There are Grim Sprouts up at the section’s top. Merge them into a group of five. Do the same with the Mushroom Caps and merge the Spotted Shrooms with that one in the section’s bottom right. The Dragon Seeds should be merged in the section’s middle-right.

Section 3: Lower Platform’s Inner Ring (Super Dead Land)

To do this section, start at the left and go right. Merge the three Grim Trees (Young) at the left. Merge the Hero Mushrooms and activate that Heal Extender. Now, merge the Dragon Tree Saplings. This will create a combination. Don’t use the bubble until the next section.

Now, merge those Triple Shrooms to make that Carnivorous Shroom needed for the key. Now make the Vermillion Tree by merging the Dragon Trees. You’ll need that for that other key. This section was relatively short but straightforward, and now you are ready to finish the final challenge in Merge Dragons.

Sections 4 & 5

Merge the Life Sprout you’ll find on the bottom right. Keep on farming the seeds that float past if you need them. Merge the Spotted Shroom on the bottom left and the Life Sprouts at the section’s middle left.

Merge the pink Life Flowers and have one of your dragons harvest the wood from the Vermillion Tree. Then merge this at the section’s top right before the statue. Merge the Treasure Chests (Ordinary) and the two Chests on the top left of the section. Then open the chest and hope to get Life Orbs.

Make a combo by merging the hills and creating an Elwind’s Knoll.. use a Life Orb to Free the Gaia Statue in the top right. Use this statue to get the cloud key. Then move that to the following cloud key, which was previously hidden.

Merge five of Elwind’s Knolls and create two Garden Summits. Merge these and then activate that Heal Extenders. Merge the two Gaia Statues so you can move with the final one to finish the level. You have done the final challenge in Merge Dragons. Congratulations!

Thank you for reading this blog and following along with us as we look at the challenges in Merge Dragons. You can be confident that we’ll be back with many more helpful blogs about your favorite video games and that we’ll offer you lots of tricks to help you get high scores.

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