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How to Beat Challenge 8 in Merge Dragons

Thank you for coming back to Neural Gamer. We are here today with another Challenge walkthrough. Today, we’ll show you how to beat Challenge 8 in Merge Dragons. So, sit back and relax because this one is tough! But we will help you get through it.

Challenge 8 is level 47, and it costs 4 Chalices. The final goal is to Restore the Gaia Statue, and the Goal Stars are to merge with four chain reactions, merge 32 objects on Dead Land, and create a Life Orb Level 3. The potential rewards are a Sapling Fruit tree and a Green Dragon Egg.

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Challenge 8 Walkthrough

You start by merging the Spotted and the Green Dragon Eggs. Then you’re your Emerald Plains Grass to the level’s middle. This will create a combination of four: three Loot Orbs and the Glowing Life Flower.

Drag those three orbs to the map’s bottom righthand corner. There’s a Statue on there that needs 50 power to heal. If everything goes well, the orbs will have enough power to heal the Dead Land. If this is the case, you can skip down to the bottom. If not, you’ll have lots of healed land near the level’s center.

Keep Going

If you keep going, you’ll notice that most saplings and trees are unlocked. Drag your Glowing Life Flower to the land’s far left, where there are two others in the Super Dead Land. Merge the three of them, and you’ll get a Twin Life Flower.

Now you want to drag this flower to the level’s center and clear out all your fruit trees since they’re not needed for completing your challenge. Use your dragons to harvest this flower. Once the dragon’s finished harvesting, immediately drag it to the flower to speed things up.

The Home Stretch

You’ll need to create a Life Orb, so harvest the flower eight times. Merge your tiny life orbs in groups of five and then in groups of 3. This will get you three Small Life Orbs. These you want to merge to create your Life Orb.

Place this Life Orb beside the Destroyed Statue at the map’s bottom right and then tap it. It should be completely healed. You probably have just under a minute left to go if you’re doing it quickly. If the whole area’s not healed, you have lots of time to harvest more of the Tiny Life Orbs.

Now it’s time to reunite the statues. Drag the statue that has been freed to the level’s upper righthand corner and then merge-heal it with the other two statues. Now you have completed this challenge level. Congratulations! That was quite a challenge.

There you go. Now you know how to complete Challenge 8 in Merge Dragons. It’s one of the more challenging levels you must do, so don’t get too frustrated. Keep giving it your best, and you will eventually finish it perfectly. Thank you for taking the time to read our blog and have a good day!

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