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How to Beat Charlie’s Dragon Quiz in Hogwarts Mystery

Charlie is a member of the Weasley family and loves dragons more than anything. So much so that before building a friendship with Charlie Weasley, you must complete first complete his dragon quiz. Over its course, he will ask you many different questions about the creatures. Players will then have three options to respond with — one will be correct. 

But what if you don’t want to risk failing Charlie’s Dragon Quiz? In that case, we detail how to beat Charlie’s Dragon Quiz below by providing every answer. Keep in mind that most questions have multiple correct responses. ⇓

Charlie Dragon Quiz Answers

Here is a list of answers for Charlie’s Dragon Quiz:

Q: Describe a Peruvian Vipertooth
A: They’re the smallest dragons or They eat humans

Q: Describe a Hebridean Black
A: It eats fresh venison or It has bat-like wings

Q: Describe a Romanian Longhorn
A: It has dark green scales or It has long, golden horns

Q: Describe a Ukrainian Ironbelly
A: It’s the largest breed of dragon or It has metallic gray scales

Q: Describe a Hungarian Horntail
A: It has spiky tails or It shoots fire as far as fifty feet

Q: Describe a Norwegian Ridgeback
A: They have spiny wings or They feed on aquatic creatures

Q: Describe a Chinese Fireball
A: Its eggs are crimson or Its spikes are golden

Wrap Up

This guide looked at how to beat Charlie’s Dragon Quiz in Hogwarts Mystery. Using the list above, you should now have every question’s answer; as such, you can build a relationship with Charlie Weasley.

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