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How to Get Timer Toffees in Hogwarts Mystery

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery has one of the most impressive RPG games you’ll ever find. Although it’s fairly engaging, it’s still worth your time. With the newest update, timer Toffees are here. This article seeks to explain how to get timer Toffees in Hogwarts mystery. Let’s begin.

What are Timer Toffees in Hogwarts Mystery?

Time Toffees are consumable items within the game. You can use time Toffees to reduce or skip any wait periods in the game. However, it’s rare to find. Hopefully, this will change in time, just as the game devs have promised. There are two types of time Toffees:

  1. Regular time Toffees: With this Toffee, you can reduce or skip any wait timer by up to three hours.
  2. Golden time Toffees: this Toffee gives you the ability to speed through any wait time regardless of its duration

…the game also has blue energy toffee. This Toffee gives you unlimited energy for 30 minutes. While the effects of these Toffees are active, your normal energy level will slowly replenish in the background. Also, any additional energy you gain will be added to the regular balance as it usually would.

How to Obtain Timer Toffees in Hogwarts Mystery?

You’ll be given the time toffee offer at one point in the game. Once you claim it, you’ll get three regular-time Toffees. You will get them for free and find them in your mokeskin pouch. Unfortunately, you cannot purchase these Toffees.

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The opportunity to earn these Toffees will present itself soon. It’s predicted that players can buy these Toffees with real money or gems at that time. For now, you can only buy energy Toffees for 375 gems. The timer will start immediately after purchase. We recommend that you use this purchased energy Toffees for grinding. We do not recommend it for flying or herbology classes. 

For the flying class, the videos there are too long and would waste your precious time and energy. Herbology plants are not fun at all. Watering the plants takes a lot of time, which will sap your energy Toffees.

Suppose you have enough gems to buy an energy toffee, buy it. But don’t buy it because you’re stressed or feel like you’re in a rush. You might regret it. Instead, you can use them for time-limited side quests(TLSQs).

Tips and Tricks for Acquiring Timer Toffees

Sadly, the game doesn’t tell us where to find these timer Toffees. They’re rare, and it will be a pity for you to exhaust them. It’s best if you use them wisely. 

For instance, you can use the “Watch Ads” option if you have a four-hour waiting time. You can watch this up to three times, each taking 20 minutes, and then use your regular Toffee instead of the premium one.

On a side note, there’s also an option to add time. So if you don’t have the gems or energy to finish side quests, you can use special time Toffees. These Toffees are becoming more available, so you can easily stack them up and see them later, especially for TLSQs. These offers will give you three hours to finish side quests.

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