How to Breed a Rainbow Dragon in DragonVale

This DragonVale Breeding Guide will tell you everything you need to know about breeding a Rainbow Dragon in DragonVale to add to your growing collection.

The Rainbow Dragon is one of Dragonvale’s most elusive dragons. The chances of breeding one are slim, although several conceivable combinations exist. If you’re lucky, you could acquire a Double Rainbow Dragon, the game’s rarest Dragon.

DragonBreeding (Monsters)Factors
Rainbow Dragon• Chromacorn
• Dragon
Breeding location: Epic Breeding Cave
Breeding time: 48 hours or 38 hours and 24 minutes
Incubation time: 48 hours

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What Dragons Make the Rainbow Dragon?

Choose two qualifying dragons with at minimum four distinct elements in total. This is the single prerequisite for maybe obtaining a Rainbow Dragon. It makes no difference which dragon has ingredients so long as the combination has at least four distinct elements. This indicates that there are around 30,000 potential Rainbow Dragon combinations.

The combinations involved don’t increase the likelihood of creating a Rainbow Dragon. Some examples of potential combinations include:

  • Seaweed Dragon + Panlong Dragon
  • Blue Fire Dragon + Crystal Dragon
  • Flower Dragon + Current Dragon
  • Swamp Dragon + Blazing Dragon
  • Swamp Dragon + Love Dragon
  • Plasma Dragon + Flower Dragon
  • Seaweed Dragon + Scorch Dragon
  • Seaweed Dragon + Firefly Dragon
  • Lichen Dragon + Crystal Dragon

How to Breed a Rainbow Dragon

  1. Increase the level of your park to 11 or above.
  2. Construct an Epic Breeding Island. Usually, you have a 1% chance of acquiring a Rainbow Dragon, but if you utilize an Epic Breeding Island instead of a Breeding Cave, you may boost this to a 2% chance.
  3. Raise two dragons to level 4 or above, each with two distinct components. A dragon’s level must be four or more significant to reproduce. You can level up a dragon by feeding it or buying Gems.
    1. There have been some rumours that having both dragons at levels 11-20 increases the odds of receiving a Rainbow. However, this has yet to be proved.
  4. Tap “Breed” on your Epic Breeding Island. This will kickstart the pairing process.
  5. Choose two qualified dragons with a total of at least four different elements.
  6. Take note of the breeding season. When you choose two dragons and begin the breeding process, you will be shown how long it will take to finish. It might be a Rainbow Dragon if the time indicated is 48 hours or 38 hours and 24 minutes.
  7. Wait for the breeding to be completed. If you wish to speed up the procedure, you can purchase Gems.
  8. Allow the egg to incubate.
  9. If you didn’t receive a Rainbow Dragon, restart the breeding procedure. If you didn’t acquire a Rainbow Dragon, you might continue the breeding procedure. Because the type of element does not affect the odds, you may have the same two dragons pair again and again until you obtain one. 

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