How to Breed the Apocalypse Dragon in DragonVale

This DragonVale Breeding Guide will show you how to breed an Apocalypse Dragon to add to your growing collection.

The Apocalypse Dragon is the most fearsome element dragon. They are exceedingly large compared to other Epic dragons and are powerful opponents in combat, seldom being destroyed.

DragonBreeding (Monsters)Factors
Apocalypse Dragon• Omen Dragon
• Snowpocalypse Dragon
• Charlatan Dragon
Breeding location: Breeding Cave
Breeding time: 20 hours and 12 minutes or 16 hours and 10 minutes
Incubation time: 20 hours and 12 minutes

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What Dragons Make the Apocalypse Dragon?

Players can make the Apocalypse Dragon by breeding a combination of the following:

  • Omen Dragon
  • Snowpocalypse Dragon
  • Charlatan Dragon

How to Breed the Apocalypse Dragon

The Apocalypse Dragon may be created at any Breeding Cave utilizing any two dragons, in any sequence, possessing the Plant, Lightning, Cold, and Metal elements. Remember that players need to reach level 18 first before they can hatch an Apocalypse Dragon. 

  1. Learn about the breeding process. It would be best if you first unlocked the Breeding Island or Breeding Cave to breed dragons. You might send two dragons here to mate and lay an egg. Depending on the breed, the egg will have to incubate for a specified period before hatching.
  2. Choose two dragons to pair. When you choose two dragons to pair, the game will determine which dragon you will get depending on certain chances. The one you acquire is entirely random, and Rares and Epics have extremely low probabilities.
  3. Breed inferior dragons to obtain superior dragons. The rarest dragons are created by combining earlier, lesser dragons. It would be best to go through multiple breeding stages before breeding the highly rare dragons. The Apocalypse Dragon will take 20 hours and 12 minutes or 16 hours and 10 minutes to breed, and seeing these times may indicate that you will get the right dragon.
  4. Allow the egg to incubate. The rarest dragons might take a long time to hatch, but once you see it, you’ll know you’ve got something special on your hands. The Apocalypse Dragon takes 20 hours and 12 minutes to incubate
  5. You may need to try multiple times before getting an Apocalypse Dragon from your pairing. However, this type of dragon is permanent, so you don’t have to worry if it takes a while to get it.

Players can also buy the Apocalyse Dragon at the market for 130 gems. It’s the lowest-priced epic dragon, making it easier to purchase than some of the other epic dragon species. 

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