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How to Build a Missile Silo in Civilization 6 (Step-by-Step)

Only some civilizations are going to let you have things easy. Sometimes, you need to take what you want by force. That includes having the best weapons of mass destruction, such as missiles that deal extensive damage. So, you must know how to build a missile silo in civ 6.

How, then, do you construct a missile silo to launch nuclear and thermonuclear weapons? Let us take a look.


What is a Missile Silo? 

A Missile Silo is a standard tile improvement equipment that launches nuclear and thermonuclear devices. In Civilization VI, missile silos are used to defend and launch attacks on the enemy territory to expand empires. Without missile silos, nuclear weapons in Civ 6 cannot be launched. Military engineers usually build them after unlocking rocketry in the game. 

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Benefits of Building a Missile Silo

The primary benefit of a missile silo is to be used as a base for launching nukes. Here are more benefits of a missile silo:

  1. Missile silos allow you to launch heavier weapons, like nuclear weapons, to defend your empire better. 
  2. Without missile silos as a base, nukes cannot be launched. 
  3. Building missile silos strengthen your arsenal and earn military points. 
  4. Missile silos can be used to launch both nuclear and thermonuclear devices. 

How Do I Unlock the Missile Silo in Civ 6?

Nuclear Fission Research Technology
Nuclear Fission Research Technology

There are a few steps needed to unlock a missile silo for your empire, and they are: 

  1. First, you will need to research nuclear fission and complete two projects: Manhattan and Operation Ivy.
  2. Secondly, you will need deposits of uranium, metals, and military engineers to build the silo. 
  3. Once these steps have been carried out, the ability to build a silo will be unlocked. 

…after building your silo, ensure that you deactivate the barbarian clan mode if you’re using it, so members of your civilization can use the silo to launch attacks. The barbarian clan mode is a default game mode, and as your empire improves technologically, you will need to deactivate it. 

Advanced technological weapons like nuclear and thermonuclear weapons require you to use higher levels of civilization before you can access them, even after they are built. 

How to Build a Missile Silo in Civ 6

Before constructing a missile silo, a few elements and precautions are required. They are:

  1. A Strategic Location within your empire.
  2. A Flat terrain that does not have hills.
  3. Unlock rocketry. 
  4. Military Engineers. 
  5. Metal. 
  6. Uranium. 

After gathering the above requirements, there are a few steps to take in constructing a missile silo, and they are:

  1. The first step to take is researching nuclear fission. When you carry out this activity, you unlock the ability to build a nuclear device. 
  1. The next step is completing the Manhattan project, found under the project bar. This activity unlocks the “build nuclear device” task. 
  2. Completing the operation Ivy project is the next step, as it unlocks the ability to build a thermonuclear device. 
Uranium Strategic Resource
Uranium Strategic Resource
  1. Get Uranium; however, if you don’t have Uranium deposits in your empire, you’ll have to get it through trading.
  2. The next step is building your nukes, either nuclear or thermonuclear devices that are launched using the missile silo. 
Build Nuclear Device
Build Nuclear Device
  1. Carry out research for silos and locate a flat terrain to mount your missile silo. Missile silos can only be constructed on flat surfaces; when you find one, the “build missile silo” buttons lighten up for you to click on. 
  2. The other requirements listed above, like the metals and uranium, will be used to construct the silo. 

…the location of your missile silo is essential; if you construct it in the middle of your empire, you might be unable to get through to your enemies properly. Therefore, you must consider where your conflicts will force you to use your weapons of mass destruction and build a Missile Silo at the right angles.

How to Use a Missile Silo in Civ 6

Two main types of devices can be launched from your missile silo, and they are:

  1. Nuclear devices
  2. Thermonuclear devices 

…nuclear devices are constructed by completing the Manhattan project, while thermonuclear machines are unlocked by completing the Operation Ivy project. 

To use these devices, you will need to select your missile silo and launch a WMD (weapon of mass destruction) strike against the enemies of your empire. Being strategic when using this feature is crucial because using the weapons at the wrong time can incur warmonger penalties. 

The nuclear devices launched through the missile silo can cause minor damage to your enemies, with a maximum impact range of 12, and damage everything within 1 tile of impact. On the other hand, the thermonuclear device has a broader radius effect, causes significant damage to everything within 2 tiles of influence, and has a range of 15. 

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