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How to Use Builders in Civ 6

The Builder builds an empire, and they form the fundamental part of Civilization vi in the early game, but most still need to learn how to use builders in Civ 6. Unlike other Civilization games, the Builder is different from a worker. Understanding how civilizations can properly utilize builders will enable you to make better decisions in the game. Let’s go.


What Are Builders in Civ 6 and How Do They Work?

In Civ 6, the primary role of a builder is to clear resources, construct buildings, and make tile improvements. Players can do this using the charges displayed on a builder’s information menu at the bottom left corner. These charges determine how you work with a builder on the tile you wish to improve or resources that need to be cleared.

Builders can offer additional services with their allocated charges and provide players with other resources like food harvest in rainforests and production. Knowing the mechanics of using builders is crucial to a player’s progress in the game. 

For example, building a Lumber Mill without clearing the Rainforest tile using a builder will result in losing resources.

Builders have three charges in their information menu in the bottom right corner of the game’s screen. Every action, including tile improvement, consumes an account. 

They disappear from the game when total costs owned by a builder are used. Players can replenish a builder’s charge in the following ways:

  1. Qin Shi Huang can grant builders one extra charge using the leader’s ability.
  2. All builders trained in the city Governor Liang is in are granted one extra charge with her default title; Guildmaster.
  3. Builders gain one extra charge with the pyramids wonder.
  4. Newly created Builders gain two extra charges with the Serfdom and Public Works policy cards.

How to Build Buildings and Improvements With Builders in Civ 6?

How to Use Builders in Civ 6
How to Use Builders in Civ 6

Constructing new buildings and improving tiles are tasks created to improve the civilization and yield of the team and provide access to resources. Before a building can be built, it needs to meet specific requirements in technologies or civics. 

A specific civic or technology needs to be developed or researched before players can unlock each building. Another example is the religious belief buildings. Before this can be built in a city, the city is expected to have a particular religious system that stands as its main religion. These are some steps on how to use builders for buildings and improvements: 

  1. You use the Builders by moving them to the tile you want to work on (either building or improving).
  2. Once the Builder has been moved to the site of work, you can choose what you want to be completed from their information menu, and they complete the operation.
  3. Builders have an availability of three charges, and each operation, be it harvest, building, or improvement, uses up one charge. 

How to Repair Buildings and Improvements With Builders in Civ 6?

Besides tile improvements, constructing buildings, and clearing out resources, builders can also repair buildings and make improvements. When the Builder arrives at the site where there is a pillaged tile or building to be repaired, a repair icon pops up on the information menu at the bottom left corner and is available for use.

The repair cost to full HP is half the original cost, except for towns which cost double. If you have 0 HP, villagers will refuse to repair buildings. Repairing is more efficient if, by doing so, you can keep a building from dying that otherwise would have, and when the building is important enough to justify villagers’ time spent on it.”

Rebuilding is beneficial when there is a transition in era or age level and a fallout. It would be a waste of resources to rebuild if the building were destroyed shortly afterward. In addition, your rebuilt structures could attract tourism based on the attractiveness of the completed design.

In practice, the buildings you should immediately repair are castles, town centers, and wonders; you can’t easily replace them if they die. However, buildings that are not likely to take any more damage should never be the priority because the building still functions on 1 HP.

How to Manage Builders in Civ 6

The game requires players to know how to use builders; by default, builders can only do three things before going away.  Some significant operations to carry out with your builders are:

  1. You are improving stone mines. If there’s a stone mine, you should enhance it with the first Builder. Improvement boosts masonry, which makes it easier to remove stones.
  2. Improving your land with your Builder can be a second priority. The second Builder should focus more on improvements that give production.
  3. Players can use the third Builder for any other project, but it is advisable to reverse your Builder for Chopping with Magnus. When your Builder is used to remove features while chopping with Magnus, it brings extra yields.

…this means you can now get extra production from the tree removal. With this, you can apply the output to other needful uses you wish.

How to Unlock and Use Advanced Builder Units in Civ 6

Military Engineer (Advanced Builder)
Military Engineer (Advanced Builder)

The Advance Builder describes the military engineering unit in Civ 6, tasked with building and maintaining military structures and roads in the game. In Civ 6, the advanced builder unit is unlocked in a city with an encampment and constructed armory. 

One of the benefits of the Builder Units is that they build their improvements instantly, not waiting for multiple turns for construction to finish. In addition, these builder units show the importance of map use in Civ 6.  

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