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How to Get Iron in Civ 6

Iron in Civilization 6 is one of the strategic resources needed for the development and expansion of any country. However, it can become scarce or depleted, especially in crucial periods. Hence, players must know how to get iron in Civ 6.

We’ve detailed ways to acquire this valuable resource, improve its production, and even trade for it with other nations. Let’s go.


What Are the Ways to Acquire Iron in Civ 6?

Iron is a vital resource available from the Ancient era. Its use became more critical in the Classical and Medieval Eras when it was needed to create military units. There are many ways to acquire iron, and they include:

  1. Trade with another city for iron.
  2. Build an iron mine using builders.
  3. Become Suzerain of a city-state with iron. Sometimes the city-state won’t have a mine but has access to iron. Send a builder into their territory and build a mine in such a situation.
  4. Build the Jebel Barkal wonder on a desert hill. It’s a DLC wonder available with the Nubia Civilization & Scenario Pack.
  5. Conquer a city that has access to iron.
  6. Find the iron in a Goody hut.

… iron is first made available by researching Mining. When Mining has been researched, Bronze becomes available as a resource, and Bronze Working research makes iron available on the map. When the location of the iron has been revealed, the player can now construct a mine through a builder so as to accumulate the iron. 

How to Build an Iron Mine
How to Build an Iron Mine

The mine is to be constructed on the tile containing the iron resource to be within the city’s boundaries. The benefit of constructing a mine is accumulating more iron resources, as iron is needed in the later stages of the game to build a heavy military unit. 

Iron as a resource gives a +1 science boost and can be gotten per mined resource. Iron can be stocked up until a player has enough to build a unit or to upgrade a character, such as using 20 Iron to upgrade a warrior to a swordsman. Players can also use it to build more machinery, which improves your military.

How Does the Terrain Affect Iron Production in Civ 6?

In Civ 6, iron can only be found on hill variants of Desert, Grassland, Plains, and Tundra terrains. Hills, by default, give extra production without any improvements, and builders can construct a mine to increase production.

With the introduction of the disaster system in Civilization Vi, terrains can be hit by disasters such as Volcanic eruptions, floods, and storms. These natural disasters can positively affect the production of iron in the game. However, the climate change system negates the benefits and can strip the terrain of the bonus yield.

How to Improve Iron Production in Civ 6?

The primary way to improve iron production is by building a mine. Researching apprenticeship in the medieval era and industrialization in the industrial era give additional production. After researching “apprenticeship,” further invest in your mines by building at least three adjacent to industrial zones because of the bonus it gives. Other methods include:

  1. Build workshops, factories, and plants.
  2. Prioritize high-production tiles (at least +2 Production)
  3. Utilize internal trade routes to improve the yield of low-producing cities.
  4. Boost production of workshops and factories by sending envoys.
  5. Keep researching your technology, as they give bonuses
  6. Build the Jebel Barkal wonder and Amundsen-Scott Research Station wonder.

How Does Iron Production Impact Your Civilization in Civ 6?

Iron is an essential resource required for the building of your military. In the early parts of a game, the military is needed to protect your city and attack enemy cities to conquer them. A low production will weaken your civilization in defense and attack due to a weak military. 

A weak military will eventually cause your civilization to fall behind others. However, when players discover and properly utilize iron in the early stages, it can help their civilization gain a technological lead. When technology is researched, it unlocks new units and buildings, and other advancements. As a result, the power of your nation is therefore expanded.

How to Trade For Iron in Civ 6?

When short of a strategic resource like iron, players can trade with other leaders to gain the needed resource. To trade for iron, follow these steps:

  1. Select “Make Deal” from the Diplomacy Panel with a leader selected. Clicking the button will take you to a negotiation table with that leader.
  2. On the left of the table are items you can trade, and on the right are items the leader can trade.
  3. Select iron from the leader’s side of the table, if available, to request they trade them to you, and select the item you wish to offer in exchange.
  4. If the leader finds the deal acceptable, an “Accept Deal” button will appear, showing that the trade is on the table.
  5. If the leader finds the deal unacceptable, you can select the “Make this deal more equitable” button to give the leader room to propose a deal they believe is fair. You can adjust their proposal to suit your needs and see if they accept.

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