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How to Change Sex in Dark Souls 3 (Step-by-Step)

This page contains information on how players can change their character's gender

This Dark Souls 3 Change Sex Guide will explain how players can change their character’s gender. So whether your want a male or a female character, we’ve covered how to change it in the guide below.


Can You Change Sex

Many players wonder, can you change gender in Dark Souls 3? It’s a fair question. Who hasn’t wanted to play around with their character’s gender identity a bit?

Yes, your Dark Souls 3 character can change sex. And there are many ways players can go about doing it. We’ve outlined three methods you can use to change gender in DS3.

How to Change Sex in Dark Souls 3

What stage you are in the game will dictate which of the three methods outlined for changing sex you choose. But luckily, players can access all the first methods pretty early. Meaning that really anyone can do it. 

Rosaria’s Fingers Covenant

The Rosaria’s Fingers Covenant is an invasion covenant that allows players to be reborn. Doing this will allow your character to change their appearance (and rearrange their stats). It’s done by talking to Rosaria, Mother of Rebirth. She is an NPC located at the Cathedral of the Deep that will exchange a Pale Tongue for an offer to be rebirthed.

Note: Each character can only be reborn five times, and it doesn’t change their name.

Here’s a short tutorial explaining how to get a Pale Tongue and then exchange it with Rosaria, Mother of Rebirth.

How to Get a Pale Tongue and Rebirth

You’ll want to begin at the Road of Sacrifices bonfire. Once there, look backward and enter the large door. Sprint past the Boreal Outrider Knight (if you haven’t already killed it). In the back right of the room, there’ll be a door. This door connects with another room that has a large staircase leading upward. Go up the staircase them, and there’ll be an elevator. Step onto the platform (or use the lever if it’s not already there).

On the way up, you’ll enter the Undead Settlement. Once there, step on the pressure plate again. But this time, quickly dodge off the platform before it starts going down. Now, wait a bit, and another platform should appear from above you.

Get on the platform that arrived from above, and face the direction of the large doors. Step on the pressure plate, and you’ll start going up. While you’re still going up, you’ll eventually pass a wood ledge. Roll onto it.

Turn right and go through the door. On the outside, there’ll be a gap in the handrails. Jump down onto the rooftop and head left. Go down into the town center. There’ll be many hanging bodies on one of the houses to the right. Shoot all of them down, and one of them will drop a Pale Tongue.

Now use a Homeward Bone to return to the bonfire. At which point, travel to the Rosaria’s Bed Chamber bonfire. In case you haven’t discovered this bonfire, check out this short 3-minute video on how to get there.

Once there, talk to Rosaria. She’ll be at the back of the room, straight ahead of the entrance. Here, you can exchange your Pale Tongue for your character to rebirth.

Reversal Ring

The Reversal Ring is an equipable item in Dark Souls 3 that changes the walking animations of your character to that of the opposite gender. The main difference in the walking animations for each gender is that the male stands more upright while the female’s butt wiggles while moving.

The backstory behind the Reversal Ring involves Gwyndolin (who he is, it doesn’t matter) being given the ring in his youth. Despite being a male, he continues to be brought up as a female. Being said to have behaved like a goddess.

Although this ring may seem tempting for those wanting to change genders, we’d suggest you use another method on this list. The Reversal Ring ultimately takes up a ring slot that could otherwise be used for something more useful as it’s mainly used for roleplay purposes.

Cheat Engine

Cheat Engine is very familiar to me. We’ve made many Cheat Engines guides which explain how it works. But to summarise, Cheat Engine is a tool that players can use to change the value of anything within a game. For example, if you have two Pale Tongues in Dark Souls 3, you’ll be able to change this to 5 or 10 or 100 or 1000 or whatever.

What’s more, Cheat Engine allows players to change gender using a community-made Cheat Engine Table (download here). Keep in mind that thing’s like these always have risks. Although there have been no reports of anyone getting banned for changing their gender with Cheat Engine, it’s technically possible. However, many users have stated that they’ve done it many times with no problems.

Once you’ve downloaded both:

You’ll want to open the table in Cheat Engine. Before doing that, go click Edit (at the top) > Settings > Debugger Options > Debugger method > Use VEH Debugger. Changing this is done because there’ve been reports of the other debugger methods causing issues. Now, open the Cheat Table by navigating to the ‘Select a process to open’ button (the computer icon in the top left). Here, there should be a Dark Souls III executable (if there’s not, make sure you’ve opened Dark Souls 3). Once opened (if you are prompted), click yes to keep the current address list.

Now, click the square to the left of your cheat table. Here, click Scripts > Menu Functions > Alter Appearance. Then, it will bring up a menu, where you’ll be able to change everything about your character’s look.

Are There Any Mods That Change Sex?

Unfortunately, there are no mods for Dark Souls 3 that change the gender of your character. We’ve checked all over Nexus Mods, yet there is still no sign of a mod that changes sex. If you’re willing to modify the game, we’d suggest you check out our Cheat Engine guide for changing gender.

That’s everything. Now you know four ways of changing your gender. Thanks for reading our Dark Souls 3 Change Sex guide.

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