How To Cure Cancer in BitLife

This Bitlife guide explains how to cure cancer in BitLife.

Cancer is the most serious disease. It can strike at any time, just like any other sickness. It is exceedingly difficult to cure and will result in death if not treated. It is the most prevalent cause of death in the game. It is possible that your character will develop cancer in their forties or while in prison. If a character dies from cancer while they are extremely young, they will receive the Unlucky ribbon. There is a greater possibility of death if the character is still in infancy or an adult in jail when they develop cancer.

The character may get stomach, lung, ovarian (occurs only in female characters; the game refers to it as cancer of the ovaries), mouth, penile (occurs only in male characters), vaginal (occurs only in female characters), brain, heart, skin, eyeball, and other cancers.

If this occurs, an icon will appear in the workshop Disease, informing a player that they have been diagnosed with cancer of… (a specific body part will be indicated).

How To Cure Cancer in BitLife

You will need to see a doctor first. Promptly plan an emergency room visit in the Workshop Treatment. After that, please choose the Workshop Doctor once more and click the Medical Doctor option. Select a doctor, and he or she will detail treatment options for your character. If the cancer is not healed, keep selecting the Medical Doctor tab until you get the disclaimer that your character is no longer suffering from cancer.

Another approach is to seek the services of a witch doctor. However, we must caution you that this approach is fairly dangerous because medicine such as mushrooms given by the witch doctor has a very high chance of killing you.

Allow your character to recover quickly after following our directions!

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