How to Do Emotes in Da Hood (Step-by-Step)

In the Roblox platform game, Da Hood, the game developers have decided to make things more expressive by adding emotes. But, many players don’t know how to do emotes in Da Hood, especially since it may not be found on mobile platforms. It’s quite easy, and we are more than happy to show you how. Keep reading.

Emotes Da Hood

What Are Emotes in Da Hood?

Emotes is an in-game feature used by players to communicate and express themselves using various animated characters and symbols. These emotes can be used in chat, and can also be used to create custom emotes with the in-game emote creator.

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For example, a player can use the “dance” emote to express joy or the “chest bump” emote to express frustration. Emotes can also be used to perform actions such as laying down or praying by selecting the appropriate emotes and using them in the game. Emotes bring a level of interaction and dynamism to the game making it a popular feature.

How to use emotes in Da Hood

How to Unlock Emotes in Da Hood?

Emotes in Da Hood can only be unlocked by purchasing them in the Da hood store. These are the steps to buy them:

  1. Log Into your Roblox account using a web browser.
  2. Go to Da hood game, and navigate to Da hood store.
  3. You can also access the market place while playing the game from the green + sign at the bottom right corner of the screen
  4. Scroll down the page and you will find the animation pack.
  5. Purchase the animation pack which should cost about 100 robux.
  6. After your purchase, a new window will appear on the left side of the screen.
  7. Load up the game and dance all day using your new emotes.

How to Use Emotes in Da Hood?

Emotes can be used in various ways from silly dances to threatening chest bumps. The emotes will always at the left side of the screen even if you exit the game. The emotes you will see are:

  1. Lay: used to dodge bullets and hide in bushes.
  2. Lean: for if you ever want to look cool.
  3. Greet: Good for saying thank you, second best for dodging bullets, and with practice, you can glitch through walls.
  4. Dance 1 and 2: Can be used to act goofy, express joy, taunt, or tease other players.
  5. Chest bump: players can use this to show frustration or threaten other players.
  6. Praying: When in a tight corner or you need help, the praying emotes can be used to beg.

What are the most popular emotes in Da Hood?

The most popular emote is the “greet” emote, not because players are homely or welcoming but because of its use in the speed glitch. To activate the glitch, players have to use greet emotes first before other steps involved can take place. The “lay” emotes comes in second because of its use in hiding and dodging bullets. 

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