Roblox Da Hood Script | ESP and Aimlock GUI Hack

This Roblox Da Hood Script guide will explain how to use hacks in Da Hood using a GUI.

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Players can use Roblox Da Hood Scripts by installing two components. Firstly, they will need a script injector (also known as an executor). This allows code to be added to the game. Next, players will require a script that can be found online. Using these two things, players will be able to execute scripts in Da Hood.

What is a Script Injector?

By using a script injector, you can change the programming of Roblox and change values. For example, you can inject a script that makes your character fly. In Da Hood’s case, you can get an auto farm, god mode, and more. Besides using the Da Hood Script Download link (which we provide above), you can find many different scripts on Pastebin.

Roblox Da Hood Script Download (Using Pastebin)

Before cheating, you must first use the Da Hood Script download (provided below 👇). 


How to Download the Script Executor

How To Install and Inject Exploits and Scripts On ROBLOX (FREE) using KRNL *BEGINNER TUTORIAL*

This section will explain how to download a script injector:

  1. Download KRNL by visiting this page and clicking the Download Now button.
  2. Follow the installation procedures and open the KRNL.exe application.
  3. Open any Roblox game and click Inject; this will prompt you for a key which you can get here.
  4. Paste a Roblox script and click Execute.

How Do You Use Scripts in Da Hood

Follow these steps to use Roblox Da Hood Scripts:

  1. Open KRNL.
  2. Open Da Hood.
  3. Click Inject; this will prompt you for a key which you can get here.
  4. Paste this script into the script box and click Execute.

Other Roblox Da Hood Scripts

Here are a few other scripts that are compatible with Roblox. Each one will give you a different hack:

loadstring(game:HttpGet(“”, true))()

Features and Hacks (GUI, Aimlock, More)

Here is a list of features included with the scripts:

  • GUI
  • Fly
  • Reach
  • Aimlock
  • Unlock Anything

… these are just a few options.

Can You Use a Da Hood Script on Mobile?

There is no way to install any Da Hood scripts on mobile, whether android or iOS. The reason behind this is how mobile devices are designed. Unfortunately, they aren’t compatible with many scripts/script injectors. We’ll make sure to keep you posted if things change. Otherwise, we teach you how to install hacks on Roblox if you own a computer.

da hood script mobile

Roblox Da Hood Scripts for PC or Computer

This section explains how to install Roblox Da Hood Scripts using a computer. Luckily, Da Hood hasn’t really got an anti cheat, and it’s not too challenging to install and should only take a few minutes. Keep reading to learn more…


Thanks for reading our guide on using Roblox Da Hood Scripts with injectors. Unfortunately, mobile devices weren’t compatible. Nevertheless, we showed you how to install them on computers. If you have any further questions, comment below, and we will answer them ASAP.

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