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How to Enter Cheat Codes in Hogwarts Mystery? Answered

This article explains how to enter cheat codes in Hogwarts Mystery.

How Do Cheat Codes Work in Hogwarts Mystery?

Cheat codes are strings of codes or special characters used in Hogwarts Mystery to gain a playing advantage. Cheat codes give players access to more features and benefits easily instead of making players work to earn them. Coins, gems, special items, characters, etc., are some features that Hogwarts Mystery players get when they use cheats. 

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Cheat codes help players to progress further in the game without experiencing competition and having to complete difficult tasks. Cheat codes are not officially allowed in Hogwarts Mystery, but many players use them because they improve their gaming experience. These are some of the popular cheat codes in Hogwarts Mystery and their effects in the game:

Cheat  CodeEffect
Mqv36wZkv9QmfSVUnlimited Energy
CNLIxfNs30vwkhEHouse Points
RuoL69rP46X8sTFUnlock Door

…these cheat codes work when playing on a computer.

Finding Cheat Codes for Hogwarts Mystery

Many players of Hogwarts Mystery need help to find the correct cheat codes. Others who find cheat codes gather them from the wrong sources, which exposes them to harm. These are some of the right sources for finding Hogwarts Mystery cheat codes:

  1. Online forums/communities focused on verified information sharing among Hogwarts Mystery players. There are many of these forums on Reddit, Quora, Discord, social media pages, etc.
  2. Websites dedicated to cheat codes.
  3. YouTube videos from other players.
  4. Mods.

…players need to verify the source before applying any cheat codes. If players apply cheat codes from sources that are not reputable, they may experience any of the following problems:

  1. Ban from playing Hogwarts Mystery.
  2. Loss of important game files.
  3. In-game glitches.
  4. Disabled gem ads.
  5. Malware and Viruses.

Entering Cheat Codes in Hogwarts Mystery

Players can enter cheat codes in Hogwarts Mystery in different ways depending on the device players use to play the game. Players on PC can access the space to enter cheat codes when they press the tilde (~). Players will then enter the cheat code in the space that pops up and press the Enter button to activate the cheat code. 

When entering the cheat codes, players must enter letters with the correct case. Players must also pay keen attention to Uppercase (I) and avoid mistaking it for lowercase (L).

Cheat Codes Rewards

Cheat codes can give players different rewards that can improve their gaming experience. Rewards from cheats can help players gather gems and top up their in-game currency while unlocking special items for players. Players can also use the rewards to reduce their wait time, buy and customize kits, and reload their energy levels.

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