How to Find Spaceport Manifest in Marauders? (Walkthrough)

There are a lot of exciting quests to conquer in marauders, and completing them is the best way to gain experience, resources, and rewards. Learning how to find Spaceport Manifest in Marauders is one of the essential quests in the game. 

The Spaceport is a tricky structure that players must navigate to complete daily contracts and earn rewards in Marauders. Although a spaceport may not be loaded with booties, understanding your movement around them can be integral to finding valuable loot during the game.


What is the Spaceport Manifest?

Spaceport Manifest Document
Spaceport Manifest Document

The Spaceport Manifest in Marauders is a document that contains records of all travel-related information about cargo, passengers, and crew of a previously functioning space station. It also includes information about shops, security formation, and the docks in the spaceport. 

In Marauders, finding the spaceport manifest is one of the essential daily contracts that players must complete before getting rewards.

How to Find the Spaceport Manifest

The Spaceport Manifest is found in the admin office within the spaceport. To see the Spaceport Manifest, you will need to locate the admin office in a space station. 

Finding the admin office is not straightforward, but listed below are steps to locate it:

  1. You need to find the abandoned spaceship.
  2. Once you are inside, you will need to locate the bar area.
  3. Proceed upstairs and move along the walk base at the top.
  4. Once you see the pharmacy, the Admin office is located directly opposite the pharmacy.
  5. The Spaceport Manifest is a red/brown colored book on the table to your right inside the office.

How to Complete Papers Please Contract in Marauders

Embarking on quests is one of the most entertaining aspects. There are different levels of quests with varying difficulty levels. Papers Please is the quest where players get the Spaceport Manifest as a reward. When you find the Spaceport Manifest, you need to hold down the Space Bar for 8 seconds to achieve the “Papers Please” contract objective.

Under this contract, united allies will want you to read the manifest in the Spaceport admin office so they can use the information to track down suppliers. Players who complete this quest get experience, money, weapons, and reputation rewards. 

To complete the Papers Please contract, you must first find the Spaceport and familiarize yourself with significant locations such as the bar and meat shop. Then you can follow the instructions listed above to locate the manifest. 

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Trading the Spaceport Manifest

Trading is an exciting feature in Marauders that allows players to buy and sell items using credits gained on loots and daily contracts. When you gain access to the trade screen, you will find four traders, each belonging to different factions. 

Major Rosie, the trader representing the United Allies faction, is the right trader to trade items with because the “papers please” quest is under the united allies faction. 

You can trade the Spaceport Manifest for ammunition, weapons, and any other item available in Major Rosie or any trader’s inventory. Players must decide and quickly process their trades as each trader is rotated at 15-minute intervals. 

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