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How to Find the Purple Portal in Risk of Rain 2 (Void Portal)

In Risk of Rain 2, the purple portal, also known as the Deep Void, is a teleporter that allows the player to transport to the next level instantly. This NeuralGamer’s Wiki Guide will explain how to access the Void and the final boss in Risk of Rain 2.

How Do I Access The Void in Risk of Rain 2?

There are four ways to obtain the purple portal that leads to the Void and final boss:

Random appearance: Just like the blue portals, the purple portal can randomly appear in the game. Keep playing through the stages and watch for the purple orb to appear in the chat box. If you are in Sky Meadow and do not see the orb, the purple portal will appear once the teleporter has been completed.

Lunar Sears: The purple portal can also appear at the Lunar Sears, which are the two-stage selectors located to the right of the newt. It doesn’t matter which stage you are currently on – you can get a purple sear at any point.

Void Fields: The purple portal can also be found in the Void Fields. To access it, jump off your spawn point and hug the back wall until you find the large opening in the wall. Go down to the hidden portal, complete the activity, and a purple portal will spawn. Be careful in the Void Fields, as they have undergone some significant changes.

Defeat Mithrix: The final way to reach the Void and final boss is to defeat Mithrix. Go to the moon and defeat Mithrix as usual. Instead of charging up the landing craft and escaping, run past it back to the spawn point. Here, you will find Froggy, who will spawn a purple portal after you give him 10-12 pets and 10-12 lunar coins.

… with these four methods, you can access the Void and take on the final boss in Risk of Rain 2.

How Do I Reach the Final Boss in Risk of Rain 2?

To reach the final boss in Risk of Rain 2, players can obtain the purple portal through various methods. These include random appearance, Lunar Sears, Void Fields and by defeating Mithrix. Players can find the purple portal orb in chat box, at the Lunar Sears or within Void Fields, by jumping off the spawn point and finding a large opening in the wall. Mithrix can be defeated on the moon, after which players can return to spawn point and speak with Froggy, who will spawn a purple portal after players give him 10-12 pets and 10-12 lunar coins.

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