How to Unlock your First Characters in Risk of Rain 2

On 28th of March 2019 the 3D online multiplayer shooter Risk of Rain 2 released and was a hit. A combination of factors contributed to the game’s success. Whether it was being rated Overwhelmingly Positive on steam or on release day there was a buy 1 get 1 free sale, there was a massive wave of players actively playing the game.

Before you even deploy the default character “Commando” you notice there are shaded slots next to Commandos icon. These are other playable character that can be obtained. If you follow this tutorial you should get all the available characters in no time!

 How to get Engineer

The Engineer is considered the easiest character to achieve. The Engineer is unlocked upon earning the “Engineering Perfection” Achievement. To complete this achievement all you must do is complete 30 stages. The Engineer is equipped with 2 sentry guns so you will need skills such as position to be successful. The Engineer comes with a bubble shield which reflect projectiles outside of the bubble and mines that can attach to enemy creatures and be placed anywhere on the floor.


How to get MUL-T

MUL-T paired with Engineer are obtained by playing the game. MUL-T is unlocked upon earning the ‘Verified’ Achievement. To complete this achievement all you must do is complete the first stages teleporter event 5 times. MUL-T is a robot that comes with a massive arsenal such as a rapid Auto-Nail gun to a Rebar Sniper used for sniping enemies that can swap out.

How to get Huntress

Huntress is one of the characters within the game that is equipped with a bow and a multitude of cool abilities. Huntress is unlocked upon completing the ‘Warrior’ achievement. To complete this achievement, you must reach the 3rd teleporter without dying.

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