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How to Get Hood Ornament in Merge Mansion

Merge Mansion is a fun puzzle game that involves restoring a house and discovering family secrets. There are a lot of exciting levels to achieve this; one of them is the Lindsay’s New York story event, and you will need to learn how to get hood ornament in Merge Mansion to pass this.  

Players will need to progress in the game to unlock the Lindsay’s New York event, and if you pass this event successfully, you will be rewarded with the hood ornament. Let’s take a closer look. 

What Is the Hood Ornament (Lindsay’s New York Story)

The Hood Ornament is an item a player gets after completing the Lindsay’s New Story event. The event lasts for three days, and a player must complete it at this time frame to obtain a Car Hood Ornament. 

The first benefit of a car hood ornament is that it unlocks the hood of a car in the garage during this quest. After completing the event, you also get rewarded with 50 XP and can sell the ornament for 820 gold coins. 

How Do You Get a Hood Ornament

Merge Mansion Hood Ornament
Merge Mansion Hood Ornament

Cleaning up the Garage and unlocking Lindsay’s New York story are required to access the Hood Ornament task. Once a player approaches the end of cleaning up the garage, the Hood Ornament Task will appear. You can easily access the Linsday New York Story event from the calendar button. 

As you play through the New York story, you earn Makeup tools, and you will need to collect these Makeup tools to help you complete and obtain the Ornament Hood. When you collect them, merge them at every level, ensuring you reach at least Level 4, i.e., the Nail File or higher.

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The Makeup tools will get you the Lindsay Hopper chain drop, and the Lindsay Hopper chain drops an item every time you merge a level 4 Makeup tool. Players must merge the Lindsay Hopper chain drop items until level 11 to unlock and obtain the Car Hood Ornament.

…an easy way to complete these unlocking processes is to follow the chain sequence below:

  1. Lindsay’s photo.
  2. Liberty statue.
  3. Safe.
  4. Bull.
  5. Bag of Money.
  6. Bear.
  7. Empty Safe.
  8. Theater Mask.
  9. Spray Can.
  10. Modern Factory.
  11. Car Hood Ornament. 

…start merging these chain sequences to unlock and obtain the Ornament Hood, Good luck!

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