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How to Get Planted Flowers in Merge Mansion

To restore the old Merge Mansion properly, you’ll need a lot of items, and some might be pretty tasking but not impossible to get. You’ll need to figure out how to get planted flowers in Merge Mansion, as they are essential in upgrading the mansion.

Several steps lead to acquiring planted flowers, like; getting a planted bush and getting seedlings to match them. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at how to get planted flower, what you’ll need to make them, and how to earn rewards from the flowers. Let’s dive in.

How to Get Planted Flowers in Merge Mansion

What Are the Requirements to Plant Flowers in Merge Mansion?

You’ll need planted bushes and planted seedlings to plant flowers successfully in Merge Mansion. Below are some of the items players need to have to plant flowers in Merge Mansion:

  1. You need to acquire Planted Flower Seeds from Planted Bush (Level 5) and Blossoming Bush (Level 6 to Level 9) before you can get Planted Flowers. 
  2. A planted bush is gotten from Brown chests in the game or the in-game shop.
  3. The next step in the planting process requires the player to combine planted bushes to get seedlings. 
  4. Blossoming Bushes at higher levels are more likely to drop Planted Flower Seedling, Planted Flower Bud (I), and Planted Flower Bud (2).

…players will need gardening tools to accomplish all these. You can access these tools by getting them from the in-game shop or when they drop from the green box, plain box, or gardening toolbox.

How to Obtain Seeds and Other Gardening Supplies?

Seeds are obtained from seed bushes. Here’s how you can obtain seeds in merge mansion: 

  1. You can obtain seed bushes from a brown crest. 
  2. Also, they are obtained from completing tasks and events and leveling up. 
  3. They can be bought from the in-game shop when offered in flash sales. 
  4. The rewards (seeds) from Bush Seeds will be available after you obtain them; they need to be merged several times before you can use them.

…different gardening supplies are available in the game and can be found in different levels and source items. Some of these supplies are the toolbox and tool crate players get access to in the game’s early stages.

For example, from levels 1 to 3, a player can use supplies like the tool crate, closed tool crate, and dusty tool crate found in the drawer and brown chest. They can also be bought in the shop. A player can also access the tool barrel, which drops a garden glove and other garden tools at level 4.

Note that a higher-level source item will give a higher drop. For example, a higher leveled tool barrel will produce higher gardening tools and gloves.

How to Plant and Care For Flowers in Merge Mansion?

Planting flowers in Merge Mansion requires combining different items, mixing, merging, and multiplying them

Below are some steps on how to plant flowers:

  1. Get a planted bush (source of plant flower seed).
  2. Merge the planted bush with another planted bush to get planted seedlings.
  3. Merge the seedlings to get a planted flower bud.
  4. Merge this planted flower bud (l) with a higher-level flower bud (ll) to get a planted flower (l). 

…keep merging the planted flower (l) to get a higher-level planted flower (ll) until you can no longer merge them.

Players are advised to care for their planted flowers by: 

  1. You can sell some of your flowers to create space in your garage or stock space. 
  2. Always check on your garage and the flowers in them. 
  3. You can leave your flowers in stock areas to meet requirements for other levels. 
  4. Orange flowers attract butterflies, so leaving them in stock up for a while attracts them. 

How to Earn Rewards From Planting Flowers in Merge Mansion?

A player can earn coins, gems, and XP stars by merging items. There are nine levels to planting a flower in Merge Mansion. After creating the first flower, you get an XP star reward for merging up to level 5. From then, XP stars are earned for every flower created. 

Coins and gems are earned while you tap on items for drops in the following way:

  1. Drops of planted flower seeds bring one coin.
  2. Planted flower seedlings brings two coins.
  3. Planted flower bud (l) brings four coins. 
  4. Planted flower bud (ll) drops six coins (29 gems).
  5. Planted flower (l) brings 12 coins (59 gems).
  6. Planted flower (ll) brings 25 coins (92 gems). 

…you can use the coins by selling these drop items. Completing some event can earn you rewards.

In addition, completing other events can earn a player rewards. E.g., the Casey & Skatie event. Completing this event can get you pool toys, which you feed with top level butterflies and moths so you can receive Casey and Skatie items. These items then build up towards fixing the beach area sign.

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