How to Get Junk Scrap in Marauders

This article discusses how to get junk scraps in Marauders.

What is Junk Scrap in Marauders?

Junk Scrap is a resource in Marauders obtained from scrapping Junk items used in producing recipes like Pirate Helmet, Bowie knife, Vz-Klobb, and Sack Bags. Generally, it involves crafting items to produce useful tools or resources. Some other uses of Junk Scraps include:

  1. Production of metal sheets used by Blacksmith 
  2. Players require three units of junk scraps to complete the basic resupply Zero to Hero mission.
  3. A player needs ten units of Junk Scraps. To complete the Metal Forge Market trade deal

Where to Find Junk Scrap in Marauders

Crafting materials can be obtained from loot drops. However, loots don’t always drop when you want them to. It’s better to scrap your unwanted loot to have the materials you need for crafting. To scrap your unwanted loot, head to your Crafting menu and scrap an item. 

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Many scrapable items may produce junk scrap, which is generally considered a waste product. A player can only scrap some things; the major items that are scrapable are armor, weapons, and backpacks. After scrapping, a scrap item will produce a certain byproduct if you drop it into the Scrap section, showing the percentage.

For a player’s starting gear, he is given a few pistols at the start of the game. These pistols have a 50% chance of getting Junk Scrap when scrapped. Also, players can buy cheap items from traders and scrap them to get junk scraps. Purchasing these items is an alternative for players who want to avoid carrying out a raid.

Players no longer need junk scrap to craft recipes as they level up. Players only need them at the beginning of the game. For example, players that have crafted the Light bag won’t need to craft the Sack bag again.

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