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How to Get Medals in Battle Cats

For years, medals have been awarded to the most deserving competitors to acknowledge their efforts. It brings benefits such as recognition and a sense of accomplishment. Little wonder you want to know how to get medals in Battle Cats.

We understand your desire and will show you exactly what to do, not just to get medals but get them fast too. Let’s go.

What Are Medals in Battle Cats?

Medals were introduced in battle cats as a type of reward earned by players after completing tasks or stages. The two major types of medals are the zombie and meow medals. Players who complete all Zombie Outbreaks in a particular treasure set will obtain an additional “Z” medal in their respective treasure screens.

Cat Medals
Cat Medals

The additional “Z” medal will significantly increase their chances of finding treasure in those levels. In addition, getting every zombie medal increases a player’s Energy Capacity by fifty. The meow medal is obtained after completing tasks like the legend stages and can be used to unlock the last seven lineups. 

Each lineup requires a specific number of Medals to unlock before the player can purchase it with Cat Food. The meow medals needed to open a lineup are as follows: 

  1. 11th lineup – 25 Meow Medals needed
  2. 12th lineup – 50 Meow Medals needed 
  3. 13th lineup – 60 Meow Medals needed
  4. 14th lineup – 70 Meow Medals needed
  5. 15th lineup – 80 Meow Medals needed
  6. 16th lineup – 90 Meow Medals needed
  7. 17th lineup – 100 Meow Medals needed

How to Earn Medals in Battle Cats

There are different ways of earning medals in the game, one of which is completing one of the significant story stages, which will reward you with medals. It shows on the victory screen as a small pop-up. A player can increase their chances of earning a medal by:

  1. Completing specific tasks in a particular treasure set.
  2. Clearing out easy stages repeatedly to get more XP.
  3. Beating enemies in particular battles.

…on successful completion of a stage and meeting specific requirements, a player earns a medal and unlocks other special cats across stages in the game.  

How to Get Medals Fast

Battle Cats Players can get medals fast by focusing on clearing the required stage. Players should complete legend tasks to get meow medals and zombie outbreak chapters to get zombie medals. To aid in completing the missions faster, players can purchase items in the Cat Shop or unlock more powerful Cat Units.  

How Do I Level Up My Characters in Battle Cats?

A player must get to a certain point rank to level up characters. In addition, medals acquired can also be used to purchase upgraded characters to battle in advanced stages. Leveling up is a feature that allows players to spend XP to improve Cat Units and Base Upgrades. When you are ready to level-up a character, do the following:

  1. Enter the Upgrade Menu.
  2. Scroll to the desired Cat Unit or Base Upgrade.
  3. Click the “Upgrade” button.

…some of the features of upgraded characters are increased attack power and health. For players to progress quickly in battle cats, they must level up their characters effectively. For faster leveling up, cents (in-game money) are needed to upgrade the cat characters.

Generating money in battles is a way to increase a player’s cents. Hence, a player must win battles in the game to be able to get more money. To generate money faster, you need to increase the level of the cent generator to the highest level. With this, you can level up your cats and progress efficiently in the game.

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