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How to Get Mosaic in Merge Mansion

It’s a pain when you have to complete a task, but you cannot get that mosaic you need, irrespective of how much you’ve tried. Even worse, it leaves you stuck and clueless about how to get Mosaic in Merge Mansion. The game is designed to give your brain a good workout.

But if you just want things to be a bit more fun and less mentally tasking, we have the solution you need. Keep reading.


What is Mosaic in Merge Mansion?

Mosaic is a drop item in the game that can be obtained from vases and ships in bottles after merging shrapnel. Mosaic is used extensively in the “old well” and daily related tasks.

Fixing the pavement and crafting a vase in The Old Well is a task that uses mosaic pieces. Old Wells are unlocked after level 15, and patching the garage wall cavity is done. They are accessible independently of the Plaza, which is only accessible after level 33.

Daily Tasks in Merge Mansion
Daily Tasks in Merge Mansion

How to Obtain Mosaic in Merge Mansion 

Getting shrapnel from a Vase is the starting point for obtaining Mosaic in the Merge Mansion. 

When you break a vase, the shrapnel effectively drops if the vase is below level 3 and the vase is with care. It is worth noting that you can either shatter the item for shrapnel or merge it with other vases to raise their level.

Alternatively, you can get a sailing ship and break the craft in a bottle. Once the shrapnel is obtained, you can merge it to create a new mosaic piece—the merging is done according to the requirements of the task level.

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What Are the Benefits of Having Mosaic in Merge Mansion?

Beautiful mosaic pieces are a work of art that can add beauty to a space and can be used in flooring, creating accent walls, backsplashes, and furniture. Mosaic is a significant item used when you become an interior designer. You become an interior designer after solving puzzles of different fantastical locations.

You can also deconstruct riddles in different rooms in the game and then take ownership of the room; this will earn you the position of an interior designer, and you will need Mosaics at different stages.

How Do I Merge Mosaic in Merge Mansion?

It is essential to know the merging process of mosaic needed to complete specific tasks:

  1. The first step is obtaining shrapnel.
  2. You either break vases to get them after 6 hours or merge them with other vases to get a higher-level vase with a lesser time frame. The time needed to acquire shrapnels from broken vases depends on the vase’s level.
  3. You can also get shrapnel needed to merge mosaics by breaking a ship in a bottle. 

…knowing these time ranges is essential to help you understand how to get shrapnel to form a mosaic piece during the day or night. Vase Level 1 is usually used at the end of the day due to its 6 hours for maturity before breaking.

It can be merged when the shrapnel is gotten from the broken vase or the ship in the bottle. When joining, the shrapnel is brought together according to the mission or level. Upon combination, XP drops and is added to the XP menu on the screen.

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