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How to Get Tin Can in Merge Mansion, Answered

If you are anything like us, you must be tearing your hair trying to figure out how to get a tin can in Merge Mansion. It’s a valuable resource in the game you will need to fix your Grandma’s house.

You must clean up and complete tasks in each of the mansion’s divided areas one at a time while using a variety of tools. One of those items is the tin can. So if you’re wondering how to get your hands on some, you’ve come to the right place!


Merge Mansion “Fix Missing Item” Task

As you play Merge Mansion, you will reach a level where your task is to “Fix Missing Item.” To complete the job, you must complete the Ignatius event. Its completion gives you access to merge stone cans and receive the garden statue reward, giving you experience points (XP).

Note: When you get this task, it means you can access and play the Ignatius Boulton Event.

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The Ignatius Boulton Event runs for three days. After which, you receive the set reward. Once you start the event, your progress is recorded. However, your progress is cleared after three days; therefore, you must complete the event within the time limit.

How to Get Tin Can in Merge Mansion

Before the May 2022 update in Merge Mansionplayers get the tin can through the stone gate and blossoming bush. In this case, you will unlock a blue chipper, and the spouts grow and merge into bushes. 

Afterward, your task remains to merge everything that comes out of the bush, collect a green star to reach a specified target, and get a few statues. After taking this step in a few games, you would have merged enough items to create a stone gate, which gives out tin cans and dollars. 

These items are merged into a gate, a house, and a big can. When this is done, you will move to the next level. This process changed after an update on the recent way to get a tin can in Merge Mansion.

How to Get Tin Can in Merge Mansion after Update 

After the significant game update in May 2022, below is how to make a tin can in merge mansion 2022:

  1. Complete the Ignatius Boulton Event, which rewards you with the garden statue.
  2. After this, ensure you level up the garden statue to Level 6 to get a small tin can.
  3. Once you’ve leveled up, tap on Level 6 of Golden Statue, and get small tin cans.
  4. Merge these cans to get a bigger one.
  5. There you go, you have a new tin can.

…ensure you follow these closely and enjoy completing the event.

Ignatius Boulton Event Tips

Since you’re able to play this event more than once, sell your number 6 bushes and earn coins. Then use the coins to buy more garage storage space. Even if you aren’t interested in getting the Stone can, this event is a great way you can gather the experience just by merging numbers.

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There are high level and low-level numbers dropped by the Rotary phone with equal amounts of probability. The only exception is number 4, which drops more often. Every number that’s higher than 2 will give you experience when you merge it. You can sell your number 6s for coins.

When you reach level 6, you’ll get enough items so you can create the level 6 Garden Statue Stone Gate and start progressing to the Stone Can Stone Can.

Item Trees

Once the event comes to an end, you’ll no longer be able to access the event’s garage. Not only that, but the items that are in the garage are going to disappear once the next round’s beginning. As soon as the event ends, you will lose access to the event garage and all items in the event garage will disappear when you start the next round. As such, you can sell all the items before the event ends for additional coins.

Event Items

  • Box Pallet
  • Cash Register
  • Dust Remover (will clear cobwebs)
  • Garden Bush
  • Garden furniture
  • Grandfather clock (this will generate boosters)
  • Ignatius Boulton (will generate Event XP & Story)
  • Numbers
  • Rotary Phone (this will generate cobwebbed numbers)
  • Wood Chipper

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